Unracedf1.com is your ultimate the ultimate database of failed F1 ventures over the last 70 years and further. The site is dedicated to those who where brave enough in those 70 years and further to enter the Formula One with their own creation and failed to qualify for a single Grand Prix. For those who had the amazing idea to enter the Formula One but never came that far. For the teams as Ferrari who created the Ferrari 312T6. For all the people who are related to attempts to enter the Formula One but never came that far. 

The first Failed F1 venture I remember was the Phoenix Grand Prix team from Charles Nickerson, a Dutch magazine named Race Report wrote an article about the team who bought the Prost GP assets in early 2002. From that moment on the interest In Formula One teams and cars who never made it to the track fired up. During the years I collected a lot of Information about these attempts to enter the Formula One and I came in contact with several people who asked me  if I would create a site to publish the articles. It took me another three years before I would register the URL for UnracedF1.

In 2013 the registration for UnracedF1 was complete, and from that moment on UnracedF1 became a bigger part in my life. It has been a big adventure since then, a lot of research brought me in contact with former Formula One personal and former Formula One team bosses who provided me with a lot of necessary information to complete stories.

All the research and investigation happens in my free time,  and this could mean in some periods nothing much is going on with UnracedF1. However I try to do as much as I can.  Because in my opinion the stories behind these failed attempts to enter the Formula One are more exciting than the average story of Hamilton and Mercedes.

The goal for UnracedF1 is to publish the stories about the failed attempts with as much as possible back ground information Supplemented with footage from forgotten tests such as with the Monteverdi ORE2 or the creation of the Van Hool in 1975.