When Formula One meets Playboy


The 1970s are 5 decades behind us. Also for the Formula One, and other race series, the 70s meant sex, drugs and Rock ‘n Roll! Some of you probably still remember the playboy of the Formula One James Hunt. There was a reason he had the quote “Sex breakfast of Champions”. Though there were more drivers who didn’t mind some naughtiness during the 70s! Some of them even appeared in the playboy! As far as I know only the Italian Playboy.

Yes, you know what this post will lead to. I have been asked before to post them. Enjoy the naughty 70s and practically 80s with even more naught drivers who appeared in the playboy or similar magazine. Don’t be afraid of nipples, don’t be afraid for nudity, just enjoy this classic soft porn!

Richie Powers Playboy (Italian) 1974

James Hunt Playboy (Italian) September 1976

Clay Regazonni Playboy (Italian) October 1976

Giacomo Agostini Playboy June 1977

Markku Alén Playboy February 1978

Patrick Depailler Playboy (Italian) June 1978

Keke Rosberg Playboy (Italian) May 1982

Jacques Villeneuve & Alesha Oreskovich Playboy 1998