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Two teams that arrived though never appeared on the grid in 1993

The 1993 season could have been very interesting with two new teams to enter the paddock. There were a couple of stories in 1992 stating that there were several groups and teams interested to enter the grid. Some of these stories had an Atndrea Moda like vibe others were a bad joke. However, there were a couple serious attempts planning their debut. Two new teams came even close to enter

It takes Taki to hit twice by a car!

Taki Inoue, once a marshal in Hungary, is what you would call an absolute cult hero. He is one of the drivers that once drove around in the Formula One that everyone knows. It doesn’t matter which generation you ask, they all know Taki. Because Taki is the ultimate GOAT, the one that made the Formula One fun. Racing for Simtek and Footwork he was a couple of times one

Jos after Monaco, Sauber? Arrows? Pacific? Forti or Benetton?

Simtek is on its last legs, the chance Simtek and Jos Verstappen would appear on the grid for the French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours are zero to nothing. It is the moment Flavio Briatore rings Huub Rothengatter former Zakspeed Grand Prix driver and manager from Jos Verstappen. If Jos would be interested to test with a couple of times for the Benetton team. Only two days after returning from Monaco

Monaco the final destination for Simtek

It’s 20 minutes before the start of the 1995 Monaco Grand Prix when Nick Wirth wanders together with Jos Verstappen on the starting grid. Verstappen on P23 and Schiattarella on P20 it will be just one of those races that year which Jos will show the world what a marvellous beast the Simtek S951 is. As he said, if he did not hid the guardrail he would have qualified better

Grooved tyres: A declaration of love

The grooved tyres announced in late 1995 as a measure to reduce the speed of the car on the tracks. The first time the tyres were tested was in 1996 a lot of development was done and eventually the three grooved tyres were introduced for the 1997 season. Many drivers were against it, many fans were disgusted by those horrible looking tyres. Not sure what Goodyear, Bridgestone and Michelin thought
Max effect

The Max effect has zero effect

Since the day Max Verstappen appeared for the first time on the grid, it seems people went crazy. After his first win in the Formula One the Max effect was sparking and went skyrocketing millions of fans were attracted. Max does what many don’t in the sport. However, where the Max effect works well for the sport it seems not to work for the young Dutch talents. The National autosport

What happened with the McLaren MP4-98T 2 seater?

In 1998 the McLaren MP4/98T, better known as the McLaren 2-seater, saw the light. The car was one big marketing tool for the McLaren team that appeared on the grid from 1998 until 2001. Several famous people appeared as a passenger in the car during the years. Also infamous incidents happened like Sylvester Stallone that was to be one of the passengers at Monza while he was working on his

Forti: From championship winner to shady Shannon

Forti Corse, isn’t that a Formula One team that once drove in the 1990s in the Formula One and vanished after two or three seasons? It’s probably the answer you will hear if you as a Formula One fan about Forti Corse. However, the team is much more then just a failed project that went bankrupt after shady Shannon appeared on the radar and “sponsored” the team during the 1996