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How May 1994 changed the Formula 1 forever

It’s 28 years ago that we lost Ronald Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna in Imola. However, many seem to forget that May 1994 was a horrible month for the autosport, more terrible accidents happened. It would change the autosport and especially the Formula one permanently. The focus would shift mostly towards new safety measures to be taken. Let me take you back for a couple of minutes into a period that

How about non-championship races for youngsters?

Who remembers the non-championship races from the past? When unknown and youngsters could experience the Formula One without the pressure to perform on your top and scoring points. Wouldn’t be much better to organise a couple of non-championship races for the young and talented, perhaps only wealthy, drivers? I mean if you look at the grid right now with just ten teams filled with a field of drivers that mostly
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De regen in SPA en de raketten in Jeddah

Dit weekend werd de Saudische Grand Prix weer verreden op het stratencircuit van Jeddah. U weet wel, diezelfde Grand Prix waarbij vorig jaar op 5 december het Saudische regime besloot om onschuldige Jemenieten kapot te bombarderen tijdens de race. Vele van jullie hielden je afzijdig. Velen van jullie wisten het niet eens. Op vrijdag explodeerde er een olieopslag van Aramco omdat de Houthi’s een raket hadden afgeschoten. Ineens was het

The wild and notorious Formula one

Yesterday i purchased a bunch of Autosport magazines from 1987 up to 2000. The first edition I opened showed an article regarding a test drive for Olivier Panis in the Benetton B193, which seemed never happened. He got this opportunity for his results in other series. However, the next article I read was about the IRA bombing Flavio Briatore’s home in London. It raised the question, were especially the early

I lost connection with today’s Formula One

Hey there, it has been a while since i posted an article on my website. You have to agree a lot has happened since my last post the 16th of February. Some Russian asshole provoked a useless war, which he is losing. Basically the world became a shithole. Normally I would find my safe haven in the Formula One in these disturbing times. However, I lost connection with today’s Formula

Weekly column 6: Just some thoughts about the F1

Yep the last weekly column was months ago! Therefore, it is time for a new weekly column. This one is just to share some random thoughts about the F1 these days and the past. There is so much going on at the moment and it seems for the fans harder to understand everything. If it isn’t about the hopping by the FIA it is the teams and the drivers that
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The Orange Arrows formula 1 summer of 2002

It’s the summer of 2002, the Orange Arrows team from Tom Walkinshaw is on the edge of bankruptcy. It’s the summer Paul Stoddart loves to see Walkinshaw burning and will have the ultimate payback in 2003 when purchasing most of the team’s assets in favour of his Minardi team. Moreover, it is the summer of many rumours in and outside the paddock. Arrows is sold to an American, Arrows is
Jos Verstappen
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Jos Verstappen and his options for 2004 and 2005

Jos Verstappen had a contract to race for the Orange Arrows team from Tom Walkinshaw. However, just before the start of the season he ditched Verstappen, while the Arrows A23 was built around him, and hired Heinz-Harald Frentzen instead. In 2003, he signed a contract with Minardi. Not the season he expected. So what would it be for 2004? Jaguar, Jordan, perhaps Sauber or stay with Minardi?  We know now