MiG 194
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MiG 194: German’s forgotten F1 dream?

In 1993, an article was published, assumable in Auto Motor und Sport, regarding an All German Formula 1 team. The car seen on the drawing has been appointed as the MiG 194. The interesting part of the car is the fact it is all German. Only German manufacturers were names
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Team Lotus rumoured comebacks 1994 – 2001

Nearly five years ago i published one of my first articles on unracedf1.com. The last twenty-Five years of Team Lotus Part 1. There are multiple reasons why it never came to a part two in those years. However, this article can be seen as Part 2. After the team went
Pacific Grand Prix
Unraced 1990 - 1999

Pacific Grand Prix and their plans for 1996

I have written a couple articles already about the Pacific Grand Prix team which folded at the end of 1995. The team keeps on intriguing me as I keep on finding new information about their plans for 1996. The latest information I figured in my own archive is some information
Prost Grand Prix
Unraced 1990 - 1999

Prost Grand Prix ‘s original plan to debut in 1995/96

In early 1997, Alain Prost purchased the Ligier team from Flavio Briatore and even before the start of the season changed the name to Prost Grand Prix. For 1998, the team announced their exclusive contract with Peugeot to deliver them engines. For 1997 Prost Grand Prix drove with the planned
Tyrrel Rothmans
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Tyrrell Rothmans a forgotten deal

At the end of the 80’s Tyrrell was not the top team as it once was, though still the team managed to score points and podiums. At the end of 1989, it seemed that 1990 would be the birth of the new Tyrrell team with lots of opportunities, chances and
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RaceReporter: De F1 podcast die je moet beluisteren

RaceReporter is een van de eerste Nederlandstalige podcasts in Nederland die zich vooral richten op de Formule 1. De eerst podcast verscheen alweer in 2017, en afgelopen weekend was de primeur van de 100e podcast alweer! Tijd om wat aandacht te schenken aan een van de weinige podcasts die mij
Max Mosley
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Weekly Column 1: Max Mosley

Ik wou deze column eigenlijk gaan toewijden aan de voetbal hooli-hel dat de Zandvoortse Grand Prix zal gaan worden. De frictie is namelijk steeds meer voelbaar als we de socials als leidraad nemen. Echter kwam toen ik net brak wakker was geworden het bericht binnen dat Max Mosley was overleden.
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Fuelled by high energetic addict fanatics

Nee ik heb niets raars op met zo’n titel. Fuelled by high energetic addict fanatics is zoals het zou moeten zijn in de Formule 1. Fans die helemaal op gaan in de gevechten op de baan. Die helemaal op gaan in de races en de teams en rijders, fans die
Stefan Grand Prix
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Stefan Grand Prix and their 12 drivers for 2010/2011

There is much written about the Serbian Stefan Grand Prix attempts to appear on the grid. The very first attempt was already in the 1990s. The last attempt from a few years ago. While it is rumoured there will another one after 2022. More interesting is the 2011 saga when

Some random 2021 predictions

In three weeks, the 2021 season will start in Bahrain.  2020 brought us a beautiful season besides the cars are horrible to look at. New tracks, driver switches, insane races and of course, a bit boring, Lewis Hamilton became the world champion. Therefore, it is time to bring up some
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