We don’t love anymore, like we used to do

We don’t love anymore, like we used to do 20 years ago. The love from 20 years ago I had for you became nothing more than a vague memory. A vague memory from the days V10s went mental on the circuits. The days Porsche attached two V6 engines with a
John Newhouse
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What happened to John Newhouse ?

If you’re from my generation or older you are probably aware of former Formula One driver John Newhouse. In 1997, Jacques Villeneuve won the World Championship for Rothmans Williams Renault. He had a contract for 1998 as well. However, it seemed that Jacques took a sabbatical from Formula One. That’s
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Kolby’s forgotten BAR F3000 Pembrey test

There was a lot of controversy around British American Racing’s debut in the Formula One. Besides signing Jacques Villeneuve as one of their drivers, there was also the livery on the car. Originally, the team had one car in the 555 colour scheme and the other in the Lucky strike
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Schumacher to replace Massa at Ferrari

I still remember the rumours of Michael Schumacher to replace Felipe Massa. Felipe Massa had a massive accident during the Qualification for the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix. Massa was behind the Brawn from Barrichello when a spring came off the car right in his face. As a result, Massa had
Donny Crevels
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Minardi’s lost seat for Donny Crevels

History teaches us that there was no Dutch driver in 1999 on the grid. We had Jos Verstappen who was busy with the Honda project. Intentionally, he would become one of their drivers. Sadly, the program was cancelled. Tom Coronel was busy racing in Japan and would only test with
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Jacky did not test for Jackie

The title might be confusing though it isn’t if you have read this article. There was a time in the Formula One that young and talented drivers were offered tests with Formula One cars for winning a championship or important races. I don’t mean the “young” drivers that paid 500thousand
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Pacific Grand Prix’s flirt with BAT

Originally, Pacific Racing, later known as Pacific Grand Prix, planned their debut in the Formula One in 1993. Michael Bartels was the driver for the team and they came this far as a seat fitting. Even sooner, the dream shattered and their debut would be put on-hold for another year.
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The March CG921 became the Lotus 107

Leyton House Racing appeared on the grid in 1990, it was of course the March F1 Team that re-appeared on the grid in 1987. Sponsored by Leyton House a Japanese real-estate company. Where 1990 eventually was a good season, 1991 began badly. Financial struggle, and eventually the arrest of Akira
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Fondmetal their last hope faded away

Fondmetal was one of those teams in the early 90s that tried their luck in the Formula One. The team appeared on the grid in 1991 and 1992. Like ATS and later RIAL also Fondmetal was an alloy wheels manufacturer. Gabriele Rumi was the person behind Fondmetal and in 1990

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