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Book review: Shutter and Speed 2

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A while ago Gary Critcher mentioned me on twitter that he had a new book Shutter and Speed 2. The follow up of his first Shutter and Speed book.  Why he mentioned me? Simple I’m one of these motor racing nuts who love books filled with unseen photos and of rare cars during the years. Perhaps the best feature of the book is the amount of covered series in it. Time for a little review.

Of course, I purchased the book, as I’m not a cheapskate that only wants a free books. Neither did Gary ask me if I would like to review his book. I only review it because I pretty much like the book and especially the photos of the 500cc races just after the war. Or Spencer Elton in his Brabham BT18, I personally know the chap from our lovely talks during some historical races a few years ago.

Did I already mention the unseen photos of some long forgotten Bill Simpson special at the California 500 at the Ontario Speedway? Or the photos taken when the Porsche 956 was tested at Brands Hatch? There are even a lot more of unseen cars in Shutter and Speed 2. Myself I recognized some names which I didn’t know off they races in a specific car like Colin Vandervell in a March 703.

Enough about my romantic feelings to the old days. Let’s get back to the book itself.  As said Gary Critcher is the author of the book who has the luck to have a massive archive with negatives and so on. The book itself counts 122 pages with over 200 photos. Besides the photos, there is also some background information about specific cars. The kind of information you can only uncover when you do your own research, which I really appreciate about it.

Perhaps it is my taste, and my craving need to stay stuck in the past I wasn’t even part off. However, the book is, for me, an addition to my own collection of motorsport books. I really don’t have any cons regarding the book. It’s a photo album full of photos of the past that breathe the atmosphere of the days they were taken.

If you ask me you should definitely purchase the book. The costs are £15 this is included shipping in the UK. If you’re like me living in Europe the costs are £22 included shipping. If you like to buy both books there is some special discount going. You can check all the info you need here. ISBN 978-0-9575016-5-2

P.S. On purpose I post no photos of the book as you should discover it yourself!