S941 Simtek S941 october 1993

The Original Simtek S941 Design

Unraced 1990 - 1999

Nick Wirth was now the full owner of the team as Max Mosley sold in an earlier stage his shares in the company, as he required the role as FIA president. He stated that he was done with supplying other teams with cars that would eventually not appear on the grid. Taking matter in his own hands, he decided to bring his own team on the grid. Simtek was born as a team. Ready to appear on the grid in 1994. At first, it seemed that the Simtek S941 was to become a brutal and revolutionary car.

Wirth came up with the idea he called a cantilever system. Which meant that the front suspension had no wishbones and the geometry and steering mechanisms were put inside the wheels. While it was more complex, it meant that the car was aerodynamic more sufficient and had a less weight. In the early stages of the design, Nick stated that the car should be ready late in the summer so I would be available for intensive testing. Soon after David Brabham signed a contract with the team for 1994. He would also do, was the plan, most of the testing in the early stages.  A contract with Ford was soon made for the use of their HB V8 engines.

However, during the 1993 season there were changes announced in the 1994 regulations which meant that the cantilever system was forbidden to be used. Therefore, the design of the S941 had to be changed slightly. The car was now ready in October 1993 to be tested. Interestingly were the drivers that were rumoured for the second seat. Simtek was looking for a driver outside the Formula One. Jos Verstappen, Emanuel Naspetti and Gill de Ferran were rumoured to fill the empty seat.