20 years of F1 Challenge 99-02

It’s 20 years ago when EA Sports published F1 Challenge 99-02. Their newest Formula One game, and for a long time their last one. Lacking the license for the 2003 season the company decided to make the game as it became. Having the licenses for four season (1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002) somewhat of a […]

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RS3 what was Ubisoft thinking?

I remember the joy when I was on holiday in Marmaris in 2003, at that time I was 13 and loved gaming especially racing games. Back then, many copied games were available in the stores and on the big markets. To my joy there was Racing Simulation 3 for sale. When I arrived back home […]

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WARM UP! a hidden gem

WARM UP! Is a game produced by Lankhor and published by the French gaming company Microids. The game is you typical unlicensed Formula One game from that era. The game features all the tracks from the 2000 season inclusive the rules and point system. Like any other race game from that era it’s one that […]

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A2 Racer II

A2 Racer II: Tanken bij de schelp

A2 Racer een race serie van Davilex wat onder mijn generatie toch een ware cultstatus heeft verworven. Het eerste deel kwam uit in 1996 en lag standaard in de uitverkoop bakken bij de Free Record Shop. Althans dat is hoe ik het mij herinner. En toen was het 1998, A2 Racer II kwam uit! Oh […]

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F1 Racing Championship 2

Unraced: F1 Racing Championship 2

I might have a weird habit if it is about cancelled stuff. I love to know the reason why something gets cancelled or abandoned. That is basically what UnracedF1 is. Investigating all those amazing stories of teams that were to enter the grid.  The same goes for gaming. There are probably more games not released […]

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Grand Prix 4

Grand Prix 4 for the original Xbox

Earlier this week i wrote about the unreleased Grand Prix 3 port for the Dreamcast. Today I write about the unreleased Grand Prix 4 port for the Xbox. Yes, on the 15th of October Grand Prix 4 for the Xbox was scheduled to be released by Infrogrames.  The game would never appear on the Xbox. […]

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