F1 Racing Championship 2
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Unraced: F1 Racing Championship 2

I might have a weird habit if it is about cancelled stuff. I love to know the reason why something gets cancelled or abandoned. That is basically what UnracedF1 is. Investigating all those amazing stories of teams that were to enter the grid.  The same goes for gaming. There are probably more games not released then released. One of these is F1 Racing Championship 2. The game was scheduled to
Grand Prix 4
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Grand Prix 4 for the original Xbox

Earlier this week i wrote about the unreleased Grand Prix 3 port for the Dreamcast. Today I write about the unreleased Grand Prix 4 port for the Xbox. Yes, on the 15th of October Grand Prix 4 for the Xbox was scheduled to be released by Infrogrames.  The game would never appear on the Xbox. The biggest question is whatever happened with the game? and was the port in a
Grand Prix 3
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Grand Prix 3 on the Sega Dreamcast

During the years, UnracedF1 has been growing slowly but steady. With new categories added to produced more content for the website and to reach more people. Besides the Unraced F1 teams and cars there is also the section for the unraced circuits and unraced engines. Today i added a new category to the website, unraced games. Why? Back in the days I used to play f1 games on the pc,
Gameshop Haarlem
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Gameshop Haarlem; Retro gamers heaven

In a small street in the city of Haarlem is a store located that seemed to be stuck in the past. When you enter the store it feels like entering an time capsule. It’s the type of store every gamer loves to know, and loves to visit once in a while to discover the holy grail, to expand your collection, in one of the boxes located in the shop. Welcome
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Terug naar de Gameshop in Haarlem

Het was weer eens de hoogste tijd om naar de Gameshop in Haarlem te gaan, mijn collectie van retro consoles en handhelds schreeuwde daar immers om. Je weet wel die game winkel waar ik al eens eerder over schreef, bij binnentreding van de winkel stap je in een tijdscapsule die je regelrecht terugbrengt naar 1993. Het blijft verbazingwekkend om te zien dat dergelijke shops toch nog altijd bestaan, waar je
Formula One Gaming
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Formula One gaming in the 2000s

There was a time when Formula One games where not all about fancy arcade racing and perfect graphics. But all about modding and the best setup for your car to get the best results on the track, to play online to others and see you have the complete wrong setup and lose your temper and start to race offline against the AI’s. Those days are long gone but for many
Gameshop Haarlem
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Gameshop Haarlem, de plek voor retro gamers

Als je terecht bent gekomen op deze blog post dan was je op Google waarschijnlijk opzoek naar Retro Gaming of Retro Game winkels of dergelijke.  Je zal net als mij vast en zeker een verstokte retro gamer of verzamelaar zijn die zijn collectie wil uit bereiden en wil vergroten met meer consoles en met meer games en accessoires.  En wat is er nou leuker om je retro consoles en games