As there are over 650 Unraced F1 projects from the period 1885 – 2020 I decided before to publish articles of Unraced projects per year. This is easier for you to see which attempts happened a specific year. Of course, it is easier for me as well as researching and writing an article takes a lot of time, which I don’t always have.  If you are interested in one of the summarized attempts perhaps, I can give you more info about it.This is the summarized overview of the Unraced projects in 1980.

Dywa-Cosworth 010
The first time I heard about the Dywa, years ago, I believed it was a Russian attempt. It seems I was wrong. The Dywa was the third creation of Dydo Monguzzi, an Italian engineer. The car was completed in 1980 and was originally planned to debut in the Formula One. Peo Consonni tested a couple of time with the 010 before the car would appear on the tracks. However, it would not appear during an official Grand Prix weekend. The car briefly appeared at Gran Premio della Lotteria di Monza in the Aurora Championship. Piercarlo Ghinzani and Maurizio Flammini were the unlucky once to debut the car. They did not came further than the practice. Years later, in 1985, the car would re-appear as the Monaco F3000 car.

Ferrari 126C
There are several Ferrari’s people forgot about though did exist. One of these is the Ferrari 126C. The car was presented during the race weekend at Monza in 1980. While the car was legit to race with, somehow Ferrari never raced with the car. Jody Scheckter at Fiorano only tested the car during the season.

Lion Grand Prix
The insanity of a twelve-wheeler F1 car. This has to be a made up story. It is something I’ve heard a lot since I spoke about it. When I came with the story of the Lion Grand Prix from late David Cox people could still not believe it. However, it is true there was a plan, complete in detail, to create a turbine engine Formula One car with twelve wheels. It is the story I had the most fun with to find out what the hack this idea was.

Luckily I was contacted by David his daughter and she was so kind to send me the presentation about the Lion Grand Prix. It is an idea of insanity, an idea you can only love. The Hay days of Formula One for sure. David Cox even gave an interview with Autosport in 1979 regarding his plans. The interview was published in their first edition of 1980. All documentation is online, click the link. The story is published a few months ago, you can read it here.

Lotus 82 Six Wheeler
In the craze of the late 1970s Colin Chapman landed with his plan to create a Lotus 82 six wheeler. The idea was to use a similar 2-4-0 concept as March used a few years earlier. Some suggestion were made in several media outlets that the Lotus 82 Six wheeler as to debut in 1980. The car was build and ready to make its debut. However, no one seems to have seen the mysterious Lotus 82. Nor are there any test results available. Neither am I aware of photographs of the car. The idea, according to the media was a ground effect car with six 13-inch wheels. It should improve the airflow even better. Read the story here.

Lotus – Cosworth 86
The Lotus – Cosworth 86 was the second unraced Lotus from 1980. It was an experimental twin-chassis F1 car based on the Lotus 81. In the autumn of 1980, the Lotus 86 was completed.  The car was designed because the FIA announced the ban on moving skirts per 1981. Lotus their solution was the dual-chassis concept. One chassis was to carry the bodywork and wings the other chassis would hold the engine, tank and driver with their own spring system.

Merzario M1
While Team Merzario was struggling during it existence in the Formula One, and there were no funds left it didn’t look good for Little Art. However, he announced his team would race in 1980. The team even appeared on the official starting list presented by the FIA. The planning was to race as well in the Formula 2. Using some sort of hybrid car. This was the Merzario M1, which was powered by BMW. The team was to race a hand full of races in the Formula One in 1980. However, the M1 never appeared during an official Grand Prix Weekend. Some Formula 2 races were attempted though with no success. Read the story here.

In 1979 some rumours appeared that Penske was working on their comeback in the Formula One. It was said that a small team was working on a new F1 car in Pool.  However, there would no Penske appear on the grid in 1980.

Riviera – Cosworth / Colombo – Cosworth
The Riviera – Cosworth also known as Colombo – Cosworth was the brainchild of Alberto Colombo. He raced two Grand Prix’s for the German ATS team in 1978. The plan was to debut with the car in 1980. In fact, Riviera was a group of Monza based industrials who purchased, like Arturo Merzario, several assets of the folded Kauhsen F1 team. It was said that the Riviera – Cosworth it’s base was the Kauhsen WK F1 car.

John Tompson in England built the monocoque while former Autodelta engineer Giorgio Valentini did the design work. The team’s main sponsor was Colombo’s long-time sponsor Le Coq Sportif, as can been seen on the footage of the car. Eventually the car was ditched in early 1980 and Alberto returned to the Formula 2. The Cosworth engines were sold to Enzo Osella.

Shadow-Cosworth DN12
The Shadow was a Shadow of its own in 1980, the once promising team felt to the back of the grid. Lack of money was the biggest issue for Shadow. The Shadow – Cosworth DN12 was their last attempt to keep the team on the grid. While the car was nothing more than a slightly updated Shadow DN11 the car was unable to qualify for any race. After the French Grand Prix Shadow disappeared in the Shadow and never returned to the grid. The story can be read here.

Surtees – Honda
While John Surtees had to disappear with his team from the grid in 1979, the same year the rumours appeared of John Surtees to be involved with some Honda F1 project. Rumours went that John Surtees would run the new Honda project in 1980 and onwards. The company developed a brand new V12 3-litre F1 engine. The intention was to debut in the Formula One with their new team, however it was more likely the Honda engine would be tested in the back of the unfinished Surtees TS21.