In 1993, an article was published, assumable in Auto Motor und Sport, regarding an All German Formula 1 team. The car seen on the drawing has been appointed as the MiG 194. The interesting part of the car is the fact it is all German. Only German manufacturers were names in the article. Interesting to see is the name of Michael Schumacher on the car, as well the Audi V10 engine fitted in the back of the car. Is it the ultimate German dream? Or is there more to talk about, such as the rumour between Audi and Benetton?

There isn’t much information available regarding the MiG 194, thanks to the contribution from the fans i am able to make some sort of story out of it. First of all the article was written in the days that “Schmidt Motorsport” was involved with Simtek. Schmidt had close ties with Volkswagen, the team worked for Audi in the DTM in the period of 1990 – 1992. They also developed the A59 (Golf III) for Volkswagen for the World Rally Championship later. A car that was never used.  

The article is titled “Technik Vision: Deutsche Formel 1-Projekt” which translated means “Technical Vision of a German Formula 1 project”. It would make sense for the All German F1 project. In the article, I found later they describe in detail more or less, how the car will be build, which companies are involved.

Interested to read in the article is the usage of the Audi V10 water-cooled engine. The engine would deliver 800HP at 15.00 RPM with a top speed of 360KM/H. The engine would weight 119 kilo. Looking at the MiG 194 design there is the feature that the Ferrari F92A had as well. They copied the double-floor concept that was on the car. You can see this when looking at the side-pods. Another interesting aspect is the look of the front-wing.   Having continental, as tyre supplier is questionable as the company’s last race dates back from 1958.

How serious was the MiG 194? Was there any reason to believe the car would be build? How about Michael Schumacher? If you ask me, you don’t make a technical drawing of some Formula One car if you have no intention at all to enter the Fomula One. At that time the rumour went that Audi, via a deal with Cosworth, was interested to supply the Benetton F1 Team with engines. This can explain why Michael Schumacher’s name is on the car.

In an article published in Autosport from the 10th of February 1994, Wolfgang Ulrich stated that there was no intention to supply Benetton with engines via Cosworth. It was true that some representatives from Audi visited the Northamptonshire Company, though this was due the touring cars. As well, the disappointing numbers Audi showed in the early 1990s has probably played a role as well. However, it seems that an Audi V10 engine was developed. However, the project was abandoned for the Formula One and was moved to the Group C.