Ayrton Senna ’s Formula One team

Unraced 1990 - 1999

I don’t think I have to start about that horror weekend at Imola in 1994. The weekend were Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna let their lives after crashing their cars. In the aftermath, the FIA implemented new safety measurements that had to prevent new deadly crashes in the sport. While there was also a plan to keep Senna’s legacy alive in and outside the Formula One. This his all started with Julian Jakobi.

Jakobi became in 1992 Ayrton Senna’s manager in the Formula One. Previously Julian worked as an accountant, who became the head of IMG’s motor sport division. During his first year as Senna’s manager, he began to set up the Ayrton Senna licensing operation. I don’t have to explain you what kind of money maker Senna was back in the days, and still is.

After the horrible weekend plans arise soon to keep the legacy alive. Fans came up with plans to dedicate statues and spent hours to set up clubs to remember him. In Suzuka that year the Ayrton Senna Foundation was launched. Today well known to give kids the opportunity to go to school.

Here the story becomes interesting. The first news I could uncover about a Senna F1 Team appeared just after the launch of the foundation. It was said that some people were looking into creating a new team based around the Senna. Sadly, I can’t confirm this message as it came from the foundation or not.

An article appeared in Autosport (24 november 1994) stating that the foundation was investigating the feasibility of running its own Formula One team. Probably the set their debut for 1996, while the team would build their car in Britain. They were looking, it is suggested for a spot near Silverstone. The year 1997 has been named as well to debut the team.

There is only one problem, there isn’t much more information about this attempt than this. There is a possibility this was announced to gain more publicity for the foundation. On the other hand, why not a Senna F1 Team? It would not surprise me as companies in Brazil and around the world would attach their name to Senna. Another reason, the youth. At that time Brazil hand some very talented drivers to come.