Just another F1 2020 season review


What can we say about the 2020 season? It is the most insane and perhaps strangest F1 season after we started racing again after the war. We landed in Australia, we were ready to race though covid-19 decided different. We had to be patient for a couple of months. However, eventually we would race again, and what kind of wicked season it was! Driver swaps, new circuits appeared, old circuits returning and new circuits we will never visit!

So yes, the 2020 season was wicked, insane and unreadable if you ask me.  I wasn’t surprised for the fact that Mercedes would secure their seventh constructors ‘championship. See Lewis Hamilton beating some of Michael Schumachers records, and become for the 7th time the World Champion. Neither am I impressed by Max Verstappen, he just maximised in his season.

Why was the 2020 season so special? We went back to Imola, Istanbul Park and visited some new tracks like Mugello and Portimão. As it seems now we will never race in Vietnam! We saw The Hulk replacing Checo and Stroll showing some decent results. Such a shame daddy Stroll owns Racing Point, next year Aston Martin Racing, otherwise The Hulk would have raced in 2021 for the team. Perhaps he will replace Mazepin at Haas, though that’s another discussion.

It seems the drivers dared to take more risk during the races in 2020. The drivers seemed to drive more aggressive, dare to overtake even without the DRS. However, I’m not a fan of the track limits. There is no need for track limits if you bring back the gravel. More accidents happened on the track for some reason.  The most horrible crash was from Grosjean when he hit the barrier and cut his Haas in two pieces. By a wonder, he managed to escape the carnage having only injuries on his feet and both hands due to the fire.

Neither was I a fan of the triple or double headers, which we will see back in 2021. Understandable we had them in 2020. For next season, I don’t understand it. It takes a lot to watch all these races. Neither brings it more action on the track. While they are yapping about the budget cap. They increase the amount of races, which lays a huge pressure on the teams and their employees.

The fact that the midfield was so close this season completed it. Both Racing Point, McLaren, Renault and Ferrari were able to race for the podiums and entertained many of us with some lovely action. Most interesting were the first victories from Pierre Gasly and Checo. Vettel and Albon were probably the biggest disappointments from the season. Vettel lost his fire it seems while Albon felt the pressure and cracked. We all remember his remarkable pit radio “They are racing me so hard”.

No I don’t feel sorry for Williams, I have never been a fan of the team as they seemed to be very cocky the last years. The result that they had their worst season since they exist says more than enough if you ask me. Neither do I feel sorry for Ferrari, even though im a Tifosi and my heart is crying. The same problem is appearing time after time, the Italian Chaos. Will they return to the top in 2021? I can only wish for it!