Vakantie racer / Holiday racer childhood memories unlocked

Retro Games Review

Vakantie racer also known outside the Netherlands Holiday racer was one of those cheesy race games Davilex made. The game was published in the early 2000s, and my gosh this game unlocks many childhood memories! The memories of imagine as a 10 year old your racing towards Monaco to stay at some fancy 5 stars camping named Walhalla in Monaco. Set up your camper or caravan and go to the 2001 Monaco Grand Prix watching Jos Verstappen winning the Monaco Grand Prix in a Forreri! Yes, this game was all about imagination and weird names due to copyright stuff. Let me take you back to some good old days!

Well playing this game again was great fun; it was a joy of recognition! Back in the days we used to go on holiday in Spain by coach. This was a drive for 14 hours though I always enjoyed it. This made this game even better as the coaches from Peter Langhout Reizen are in the game. Obviously not by name, but the logo’s on the busses are recognizable still. What it made even better is the fact your appear at SPA Francorchamps and eventually in Monaco what else do you want as a Formula One fan of 10 years old?

When you look at the game now in 2023, it doesn’t make sense obviously. It took me about 40 minutes to complete the game and win all the races with Sjonnie and Anita! However, that is what the Davilex games were. Short but fun games, games on a low budget that just were enjoyable to play.

The goal of the game is obviously to appear as first in Monaco. The clue is that there a street won a price for the 5 stars Camping Walhalla. There is only one problem; there is only one place vacant. There for the neighbours have to race to Monaco. Basically it is just another A2 racer game though now with the vacation theme. It is just fun to start up Vakantie racer select one of the characters and just race your way to the game. With many obstacles, upgrades, power boosts and of course the sunnies! The currency in the game.

The game unlocked a lot of childhood memories, and that ‘s basically why I reviewed the game. I remember I got the Big Box version for Vakantie Racer from Intertoys. This was just with a jewel case in it. Installing the game, and just race to Monaco it was so much fun. Back then, there was no need for funky graphics and deep gameplay. Just plain racing with a lot of fun with recognizable surroundings.

Would I suggest to play the game? It depends, for the sake of your childhood memories and retro vibes you definitely should! Otherwise, naah there is no need to. You can finish the game under 30 minutes and that’s it. Obviously, you can race with the other characters as well and complete all races as first. If you want to have the game run. Just install the game and use DGVoodoo 2 to start the game.