Status update of the rumoured F1 Teams for 2022

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They say no new is good news; regarding the new teams that were rumoured it seems to be bad news. A few months ago, I published the last article regarding the rumoured new teams. Just a few months ago another team worked on a debut in the Formula One; Monaco F1 Racing Team. Are there any updates regarding Panthera Team Asia, SMP Racing and Monaco F1 Racing Team? I’ll try to explain per team what the current situation is.

First of all, every year several teams or groups tell the media that they are interested or looking at the Formula One. Between 2017 and 2019, we had several groups that were interested. Such as the China F1 Racing Team Limited, Stefan Grand Prix (of course) and even Bernie Ecclestone was linked to Brabham. Plenty of interested, only a little movement. Will there be a new team as soon the new rules are applied per 2022? Per 2025? As Cyril Abiteboul said back in the summer of 2025.

Panthera Team Asia F1
Lots have been written, also by myself, since they announced their interested in the Formula One. Firstly aiming for 2019, later for 2020. When Covid-19 hit the world last year the team shown still interest and was in “constructive speaking terms” with it’s shareholders. We are now in April 2021 and nothing much seems to happen. I contacted Tim Milne and Benjamin Durand to ask about the current status, with no success. I’m afraid, as predicted earlier, that Panthera Team Asia F1 will not appear on the grid at all and ends up as the Chinese attempt a few years ago.

SMP Racing
While Benjamin Durand used to work for SMP Racing, as team manager SMP Racing has no connections with Panthera. SMP was aiming to enter the Formula One in 2021. Per 2021 the new regulations would be introduced, the same that will be introduced in 2022. Boris Rotenberg had te vision of an all-Russian F1 Team. The rumours became even stronger when the Russian Minister of Trand and Industry Denis Muntarov said, “It’s a matter of time before a Russian F1 team will appear on the grid”. There hasn’t been much info about it after. However, I have a theory myself. In 2021, Nikita Mazepin made its debut with the Haas F1 Team. It would not surprise me if Haas would become an all-Russian F1 Team in the near future.

Monaco F1 Racing Team
In February, after the 200 million dollar fee was put to discussion, Monaco F1 Racing Team appeared in the news. The team is aiming to debut in 2022 probably powered by Renault using the infrastructure from Campos Racing. Sadly, Adrián Campos passed away the 27th of January this year. Some questions raised regarding the teams future. The latest news stated that Monaco F1 Racing Team would still be using the infrastructure from Campos Racing. While there hasn’t been a new update so far I still believe Monaco F1 Racing Team is to be taken serious to debut in the Formula One in 2023.

Stefan Grand Prix
Yes… I hear you thinking. Stefan Grand Prix, again? Are you serious? Yes I am serious. A few days ago the news reached me that Stefan Grand Prix is looking at the Formula One once more. Stefan Grand Prix tried it a couple of times to appear in the Formula One. As we know in 2010, they came pretty close. Though still were pretty far. The Serb Zoran Stefanovic still has his plans of a complete Stefan Grand Prix dome and the Serbian Grand Prix. I’m not sure how serious the attempt is nor the financial situation of the team.

Even now the 200million dollar entry fee is to disappear for new teams it seems that not many teams will appear on the grid, besides take overs or rebranding as the case is with Aston Martin Racing. It would not surprise me if we won’t see a new team before 2025 when the Formula One will appear with brand new engines with bio fuels.