Lamborghini will not make it’s comeback in 2021

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Recently the rumours suggest that Lamborghini was planning it’s return in the Formula One as engine supplier. Sadly Stefano Domenicali, the chairman of Lamborghini, told the media that the company would not make it’s comeback, due the high costs it takes to design a brand new engine.

The story would be amazing, the famous Lamborghini returning to Formula One. Recent months the rumours appeared many times of their comeback. Most of them stating that the company was planning to become a engine supplier. While wilder rumours stated a comeback as a brand new team.

In 2021 a complete new package while arrive in the Formula one, containing also a brand new engine that should be less complicated and should attract more engine suppliers to the Formula One. Since last season, many companies were said to enter the Formula One as engine supplier in 2021. Alfa-Romeo(Batched engines) and Aston Martin(RBR) already made their entry. While Porsche, Cosworth and Ilmor are rumoured. Volkswagen will basically make its debut as it closely involved in the new engine for 2021.

While one of the biggest names, you would love to see to make its comeback, Lamborghini, and was rumoured, too will not make its comeback in 2021. While Stefano Domenicali had said in the 27th of January 2017 that, if the circumstances were good, we could expect the brand back in the Formula One.

However, Stefano Domenicali noticed today that there is no reason for Lamborghini to make its comeback to the Formula One. Not as engine supplier nor as a team. Because, the company is growing and the results are good, and we don’t need the Formula One to make our sales bigger and let our brand grow even faster. Thereby the costs would be too high to develop a brand new engine or start up our own team.  

It’s a shame Lamborghini will not, for now I hope, appear in 2021 on the grid as an engine supplier or as team. From 1989 till 1993 the company was already active in the Formula One as engine supplier. They supplied the teams of Larrousse, Ligier, Minardi and Lotus with their power. Of course we should not forget the Mexican Glas Project. When the investor left the team (story can be read here) Lamborghini decided to take over the team and let it made it’s debut as Modena Team SpA, while the car looked absolutely promising the team had to the financial funds to develop the car.