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The final check-up for the teams or organisations that were interested to debut on the grid in 2022. As we know next season there are new regulations. A few years ago there seemed to be some serious interest for the Formula One. However, we all know Covid-19 happened. As well, some ridiculous fee happened, perhaps were the dreams bigger than the wallet. Let’s have a last look at the teams that were interested. Because we know now that no new team will appear on the grid at all.

Note: I have to admit i added also the teams that were rumoured in 2021 to enter the Formula One the coming years. Just to complete the list of potential teams to enter the Formula One.

Panthera Team Asia F1 / Panthera Asia F1 Team
At this point there are two names for the team that was already working on a debut in 2019. Their original aim was to enter in 2019; it seemed unable so they moved to 2020. However, in 2020 covid-19 appeared and just shut the world down for a month. When the Formula One announced to keep the cars from 2020 for this season. It would make sense if they were serious to debut in 2022. A new concept and he budget cap. After begin this year Panthera became quiet.

In May this year Alpine was quoted that they were looking for a junior team in the Formula One. As the Renault.. I mean Alpine juniors aren’t able to make the jump to the Formula One. Panthera, at that point, was named as one of the team. Hard to think about as it was quit for months from their side. I dare to say that we will never see Panthera in the Formula One. Partly due the entrée fee of 200 or 150 million. As well, there is no solid plan.

Monaco F1 Racing Team
Another team that announced to debut in 2022 on the grid. The team was to continue on the infrastructure of Campos Racing. As we all know Adrián Campos passed away earlier this year in January. It seemed their plans were solid enough to be concrete. However, I now believe they won’t appear at all in the Formula One. Probably the reason for it is Adrián passing away. I truly hope they will appear on the grid in 2023 or 2024.

Stefan Grand Prix
Sources told me earlier this year that Stefan Grand Prix would appear on the grid in 2022. Like in the early 2010s there seemed to have been serious talks about the Serbian Team to materialise. Well, I haven’t heard anything any more about this attempt. Probably there were plans, as they always have plans to debut, only the output is zero at this point. Maybe in 2025 we will see them on the grid. Perhaps in 2027 when they have their 30th anniversary?

SMP Racing – or did the Russian dream already happen?
SMP is a well known team in the lower formula series and wouldn’t surprise me if they eventually dare to take the move to the Formula One. As I explained my theory earlier this year that Haas could become an all Russian team as Mazepin would debut. I’m more or less convinced that SMP will eventually join the Formula One as well. The Haas car was already wearing the colours of the Russian flag, although they Russian athletes are not allowed to wear the Russian flag. Because I don’t believe that Haas will continue for another 5 years. Would it be possible SMP Racing backed by it’s sponsors and together with Mazepin will buy the team? I would not be surprised. Only time will learn!

The Matteo Renzi – Saudi Arabia joke
There was an article published by Autosprint earlier this year quoting that Matteo Renzi, a former prime minister of Italy, was to enter the Formula One already in 2021! A lot of clickbait sites went mental with this news and published it all over the place. Eventually, there was no story at all it was a made up story. A story that keeps on rising on the surface as people ask what ever happened with the plans. Of course, the clickbait site’s won’t say a single thing or edit the post as in this was wrong info.

Andretti Racing
Earlier this year Andretti Racing appeared on the grid discussing a team in the Formula One. This is a rumour that appears every now and then since Mario Andretti retired from the Formula One in the 1980s. It is not a secret that Andretti Racing has always been interested in the Formula One. It seemed they were in an advance stage with Alfa Romeo to purchase the team. However, due to the costs the Andretti Racing abandoned the idea of their own team. Their American tour is more important and interesting. As I wish to see Andretti Racing in the paddock, I don’t believe it will happen.

Audi F1 Team
Audi has been rumoured since the 1980s that they are interested to enter the Formula One. They have been rumoured a couple of times to enter as engine supplier or as a works team. Both never happened. This year the news came that Audi was interested to purchase the McLaren team. This could mean that Audi would be on the grid in 2022. Audi was also linked with Red Bull Racing for some reason. Probably due to the engine, though I can assure there won’t be batched Audi engines next year and the years to come in the Red Bull.  

Paul Stoddart
If I don’t post it people will complain why I did not post it. Paul Stoddart said during the season that he is still interested to reappear on the grid with his own team. Now im not sure how serious this comment is. As he is the one that ones the Two seaters that, as far as I know, are still racing before the start of the F1 race. However, I wouldn’t mind to see Stoddart back on the grid as team principal. I just only don’t see It happen.

How about Porsche?
Porsche will probably debut in the Formula One around 2025/2026 when the new engine regulations are implemented in the Formula One. Around that time engines will be racing on synthetic fuels. I don’t assume Porsche will debut with their own Formula One team.

Alpine B-Team
As Joe Saward suggested in October, Alpine is considering their own Alpine B-Team. The main reason for this is, as explained, they have plenty of talented young drivers. However, there is in the Formula One no place for them. Only Alpine uses their engines. There is no other team. This would the only real option for a new team in the Formula One if you ask me. Though not in 2022, perhaps in 2023 or 2024.

Prema Junior team?
Then some weak rumours appear to me that Prema is looking to enter the Formula One. It seems they are working on it since 2019. I can’t have it confirmed nor can I have it denied. No one seems to want to talk about it. It would not surprise me, if it happens at all, that Alpine would be involved in this one. Though neither in 2022.


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