What are Panthera Team Asia their plans with F1?

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Last year several rumours appeared of groups interested to enter the Formula One. Panthera Team Asia F1 was probably the most serious in their plan to debut in 2021. Recently new stories appeared on the internet about the teams plans to enter the Formula One in 2022. It seems the team is getting some sort of structure to build on. Will the team appear on the grid in 2022?

I was sceptic last year about Panthera Team Asia of Benjamin Durand. Every year there appear rumours of teams and group of investors who are interested in the Formula One. It’s the type of rumour that Jacques Villeneuve will make its comeback soon.

This month it seemed the team was to reveal itself a bit more to the public. Panthera is still working on their car, and is still working on a solid structure. Their view is to debut in 2022 in the Formula 1 instead of 2021. Is it because of the budget cap as well they want to debut a year later?

Team principal Benjamin Durand explained that the team already focused itself on 2022 instead of 2021, even before the covid-19 outbreak. Their goal was far from realistic to setup a new team, appear with a brand new car, and be able to go for the points. The time was just not enough for a decent preparation.

However, as you could read previously here the team was already working on the team’s structure. I keep a bit sceptic towards the team and if they will be able to debut in 2022 on the grid. There doesn’t seem to happen that much. The team opened a Facebook page last year though nothing has been posted on it. Im not even sure, if the page is real. As well, there is still no team logo nor a team website online. So far only two people see to be now to working for the team.
Benjamin Durand – Team Principal & Co-Founder
Tim Milne – Head of Aerodynamics

Benjamin had a video chat with the guys of The Inside Lines regarding his team and the plans to debut. There were not clear answers given on the questions. Another problem is the fact that Panthera Team Asia did not apply officially yet to fill up one of the places that are available on the grid.