Racing Point Force India

Welcome Racing Point Force India!


The bullet went thought the church as we would say in The Netherlands, i know badly translated. The new name of Force India will be Racing Point Force India. Basically they didn’t really change, but everything changed for Force India. Unbelievably but the team will enter the current season as a new team, and loses all their points scored so far during the season.

I have to say I’m surprised the team kept the name Force India after all, as the team basically loses all their India connection. Vijay Mallya is no long the owner of the team, Lawrence Stroll and friends are now the owners of the team. Canadian F1 team or Force Canada was a much better name.

It seems that the consortium only bought the team and its assets, but it did not purchase the rights to start during a Grand Prix weekend. Perhaps this is the reason why the team’s name was still Force India.  However, why they came to an agreement during the Belgium Grand Prix? Well I love cconspiracy theory and here is mine (and probably others) 9 years ago Fisico scored their first and only pole position for the team. The perfect time for a new start?

Concrete it means that Racing Point Force India is a brand new team on the grid, as Force India left the Formula One. I’m not completely known with the agreement the team made with the FIA and the other teams. However, I do understand that the team will start the season with zero points. The Points Force India scored are vanished in thin air, for Racing Point Force India in this case.

The drivers, Esteban Ocon and Sergio Pérez will keep their points, on paper they move from one team to another team. Max Verstappen happened the same in 2016 when he moved from Toro Rosso to Red Bull Racing.  It seems that Jean Todt and Ross Brawn are happy to see Racing Point Force India arrive on the track.

All I can say now is, goodbye Force India and welcome Racing Point Force India. A funny fact in base it is still the Jordan Grand Prix team that made its debut in 1991… guess what another conspiracy theory, Michael Schumacher made its debut 27 years ago also on Spa-Francorchamps !

One prediction, Stroll will drive for the team next race!

Racing Point Force India