Aston Martin

Lawrence Stroll and Aston Martin


I’m not sure when I heard for the first time that Lawrence Stroll is “involved” with the plan to buy Aston Martin or buying the majority of the shares with a consortium to rescue the car company. Since their introduction on the London Stock Exchange, the company’s stock has dropped by 75%, while the car production is lower as expected.  The biggest question people asked me so far, will Aston Martin arrive on the grid in 2020 or 2021 in favour of Racing Point?

Well i did some digging in the numbers Austin Martin, and i was to buy stocks myself in the company earlier this year. I can only conclude that Aston Martin is near dying, their cars don’t sell that great there seems to be some mismanagement and, I can’t get it fully confirmed, it seems Aston Martin or their backed did put money in developing a F1 Engine for 2021. So what’s going on?

I don’t know only my research brought up that Mercedes-AMG seems to be one of the shareholders of Aston. Sources say that that Mercedes owns between 5 and 7,5% of the shares in the company. This is because Aston Martin and Mercedes closed a deal with “Sharing” their technology. Basically Aston Martin is allowed to use the engines and the electronica from Mercedes/AMG. The DBX SUV is one of these examples.

What about Red Bull Racing? Well don’t worry about them, I did read a lot of theories that Red Bull will leave the Formula One if Aston will be sold. At the moment Aston is a title sponsor for around 10 million pounds a year. As well, they are a technical partner of the team.  With Max Verstappen in their car they won’t leave the Formula One after 2020 or 2021 no they will stay. For sure because they will use Toro Rosso to promote their clothing brand.

There is the possibility though that Aston Martin can enter the Formula One in 2021 or during the season in 2020. Why do I say this. Well it’s easy Racing Point is more or less a soul less team. The team is on the grid and they do their thing. How different would it be if they would drive in a green colour scheme of Aston Martin? It could bring back the memories of a once competitive sport cars manufacturer.