The fans want the V12 and V10 engines back!


Since 2014 teams in the Formula One are powered by Hybrid V6 engines with an Turbo. Did the V6 bring any joy to the Formula One? No not really. It took away the feeling and the sound from the Formula One. Be fair you felt in love with the Formula One as well because of the sound that the V10’s and the V12’s produced.

Recently Ross Brawn, Managing Director of Motorsports and technical director in the Formula One, said in the podcast “F1 Fan Voice” he would love to see the V10s and V12s back on the grid. However, the change that the sport will return to these engines is small. Currently the Formula One is tied to the current engines.

When the Formula One decides to return to the old days, the sport will lose some of its current engine suppliers (probably Honda and Mercedes) Brawn said. It feels like that the suppliers have a bigger role, and more influence in then I would expect.  Are they afraid other suppliers will kick their asses? Probably!

A couple of weeks ago there was a lot of gossip about the new rules that will be implemented in 2021.  One of the supposed changes were the engine rules. The current engines are too complicated and too expensive to build. Why would you enter the Formula One knowing you have to invest millions? The plan was to get ride off the MGU-H units in the engine.  Right now, it seems nothing will be changed.

Potential engine suppliers as Aston Martin, Porsche, Ilmor and Lamborghini already announced they would not supply any team with engines because of the complex engineering of the engines. It would not surprise me if no new suppliers will arrive in 2021. It means that the current engine suppliers are in a monopoly position afraid, are they really afraid they will lose? No new engine suppliers means no new teams in the Formula One.

If you have read my previous blogs, you know I’m more a partisan who’s not happy with today’s Formula One. I still don’t understand the direction the Formula One went a.s.a.p. Liberty Media took over the Formula One from Bernie Ecclestone. They say they want to make a show of Formula One, why would you? Formula One is prestige, drivers who go over the edge to overtake others… well this was Formula One once.

Why they don’t get rid of DRS and KERS and let the drivers be drivers again, instead of puppets moving a steering wheel with lots of gadgets so they are able to overtake? Doesn’t it say enough about the current Formula One.  In 2021 the front wing becomes bigger so the cars will drive even faster. However, faster driving means you won’t overtake easier. In fact, it will be harder to overtake in my opinion.

I said once, when I reach the age of 100 and im deaf on one side of my ears, I could say it is because I went to a lot of races which destroyed my hearing. Sadly when i reach the age of 100 I will probably still here perfectly, as people want to see more Formula-E, which is terrible for nature, and don’t want to feel the Formula One as we all did once… once the cars were powered by a V12 or an V10.