Stroll F1

Welcome Stroll F1 Team bye bye Force india


It is official Force India is saved and all their 405 employee’s will keep their contracts and will be paid, as well all the creditors. So what will Force India’s new name be Stroll F1 Team or Stroll F1 Racing or Canadian F1 Team? As the India connection dropped by the new owners. Thank got we still have 20 cars on the grid… for now…

… I have my concerns towards the Williams F1 Team as they are on the back on the grid scoring no points, and the once they scored was with luck. While I have my concerns, the Force India is saved. Many people in the media said that Lauwrance Stroll bought the team. Well that is false info. Indeed the consortium that bought the team is under lead of Lauwrance Stroll.

Canadian entrepreneur Andrea Desmarias and Jonathan Dudman from Monaco Sports and Management supports the consortium.  They are not the only one also John Idel, active in the Fashion industry,  Telecom investor John McCaw Jr., financial expert Michael de Picciotto and Stroll’s own business partner Silas Chou are involved.

So today, 7th of august 2018 the consortium officially bought the Force India team from Vijay Mallya and the Orange India Holding Sarl. Which means that Mallya has no more power within the team.   The team will remain on the starting grid and the signals for the short time seems to be green. The team will put money and efforts in the updates and upgrades for the VJM11 in advantage to gain the 4th place again in the constructors drivers championship.

However, some things will chance of course. As said before will the name Force India stay in the F1 or will it be renamed towards Stroll F1 Team or similar? Next year Lance Stroll will drive for Stroll F1 Team probably with Perez, it could be that Ocon moves to another Mercedes powered team. Perhaps another driver with money could take the next years seat.

I truly hope the Williams F1 team won’t be affected that badly but I keep my breath for it. The last months the team seems to be dead on the track, just a few points with luck and standard on the back of the grid. I preferred it if Andretti bought the Force India team instead of Stroll.