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A big thank you to all my followers and fans!

I’m not the kind of person that’s focussing on the amount of followers / fans on the socials, nor am I the person that’s focussing on the amount of visitors at the website. Honestly, I don’t care these numbers to start with. Al I’m doing is fulfilling my passion and share this with you by publishing some articles every now and then. Yes, I can be annoying as well when
San Marino

The Formula 1 returns to San Marino!

The 2020 season started badly with the Covid-19 epidemic raging on the world. However, 2020 seems to become the most interesting season since years! With the Grand Prix of San Marino as the cherry on the cake. Named as Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix it will re-appear in the Formula 1.Yes, we are back on our beloved circuit! For the young once who the San Marino Grand Prix was a fascinating race,

Unraced fans interviews UnracedF1

I was told that it was good to do a Q&A with myself. As I believe in self-reflection but believe  it’s a bit selfish to interview myself I asked the followers and fans of UnracedF1 if they had any questions for me. I got a couple to answer. Probably you won’t learn anything of it. Most of you already know me. How did you become interested in Formula one? Probably it