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Schumacher Racing: Michael as team boss in 2008

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Michael Schumacher as team boss in the Formula One? The impossible would become possible. As we have to believe Eddie Jordan who came with the news in the summer of 2006. Was it a joke? Was it serious? Alternatively, was it just a PR move to promote Schumacher? It could be possible. For 2008, the FIA was looking for new teams to enter the Formula One. It would be easy for Michael to find enough sponsorship, that’s for sure!

The first rumours already appeared in late 2005 it seems regarding Michael Schumacher’s interest to become a team boss. However, in 2006 when Eddie Jordan told in an article published in the F1 Racing Magazine stating that Michael Schumacher could be interested in running his own team. Probably it would be named Schumacher Racing or Schumacher Grand Prix Team. 2006 would be Schumacher’s last year in the Formula One as driver. For 2007, he still had a contract with Ferrari. However, it would not mean he could not lay the base for his own team. He came close to race a couple of races in 2007 and 2008 for the Scuderia.

Many don’t know that Mercedes was already working on their own F1 team as early as 2006. Schumacher was offered a contract to race for the German team in the Formula One in 2007 and onwards. Due to his contract with Ferrari, Schumacher was unable to sign the contract. He would sign his deal with Mercedes in December 2009, just after Mercedes announced their entry for 2010.

The establishment of Schumacher Racing could It really happening? Well, if you ask me it could be though I don’t consider it as a serious option at that time. While the FIA had a bid open for new teams to enter in 2008. In addition, Schumacher would probably able to sign deals with Ferrari to supply Schumacher Racing with engines and give them technical support. Schumacher is a pure racer. Rumoured then was as well that Audi and Volkswagen were involved.

There isn’t much information on the web nor in magazines regarding Michael Schumacher’s interest to become a team boss from his own team. Website at that time do mention it, though there are no facts that support the plans at all.

It was a public secret as well that Schumacher was done with the Formula One as race driver. It was more necessary that he left Ferrari as driver. To give the new generation the space they needed to develop. In 2010 he would race for Mercedes and would retire at the end of 2013. With a podium at Monaco as best result.