When you look at the history of Formula One you see a lot attempts from Japan to either enter the Formula One as a constructor, as an engine supplier or as a sponsor. Not to forget to mention excellent drivers as Aguri Suzuki and Takumo Sato who came from Japan. In 2006 there were two Japanese teams, Toyota who tried for years to reach the top, and Super Aguri which entered the Formula One as the new team. Did you know in 2006 the rumours went in the paddock of a 3th Japanese team to join the Formula One in 2008?  Let us introduce Direxiv Motorsport.

Direxiv Motorsport was a Japanese company with links to several motorsport series, the GP2 series (European as Asian), Super GT and Formula Nippon. Before Direxiv Motorsport submitted an entry in 2006 to run a Formula One team in 2008 the team was linked to McLaren and Alexander Wurz as a sponsor. During the first few Grand Prix the rumours in the paddock of Direxiv Motorsport preparing themselves to enter the Formula One became stronger. Until the team released their statement which they announced their plans to enter the Formula One in 2008. Soon after the statement it would become clear they serious planned an F1 entry. The team hired Jean Alesi as their “Senior Executive Director” he said he was happy to join the young and enthusiast team of Direxiv and looked forward to work for them in the management.

Direxiv Motorsport also offered Alexander Wurz a management position.  Together with Alesi and Wurz the team had a quit strong management team with a lot of experience. After Direxiv made their bid to join the Formula One, and their dream to become McLarens B-Team, Dave Richards has made also an bid to be on the grid in 2008 with his Pro Drive. Richards had the same plan as Direxiv to become Mclaren’s B-Team.  After the French Grand Prix Pro Drive was granted the grid place in 2008. Which meant the end for Direxiv Motorsports  Formula One aspirations. However due to a change in the FIA rules it became impossible to for Pro Drive to enter the Formula One.

Not soon after they lost the Bid for the Formula One the team shut down after the loss of their main investor Akiyama Holdings. We can conclude that the attempt to enter the Formula One wasn’t really a success and in the end it was the end of the Team and the Company who supported multiple Motorsport series. The old site of Direxiv Motorsport is still reachable via the well-known archive.