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Did you know? Is a new series of articles about stories, facts, news and anecdotes about the Formula One the most of us have forgotten. It are those forgotten little facts that make the sport we love so interesting. As I love to dig into a lot of magazines such as as Autosport MotorSportMagazine and so on it is easy investigation to do.

Did you know: That both Williams and McLaren stated that they had a contract for David Coulthard? In January 1995 the Contracts Recognition decided that Williams had all the right to employ David in 1995.

Did you know: That In November 1994 the first rumours appeared about Prodrive to launch their F1 project for 1996? Most interesting about these rumours were the link with Subaru. Subaru was not unknown in the F1. In 1990 they appeared with the Subaru 1235 by Motori Moderni which powered the Coloni. Which ended up in a disaster for both Motori Moderni and Coloni.

Did you know: That Taki Inoue tested the 19th of October 1994 with the Simtek S941? His F3000 teammate Vincenzo Sospiri tested at Barcelona as well. While Sospiri had the quickest lap, Taki Inoue was announced by Simtek afterwards that he would race in Japan for the team.

Do you remember:That one of Pacific Grand Prix’s truck went on fire on it’s way back from Imola? The cars were salvaged and the team would just appear in Monaco.

Did you know: Williams was keen to keep Jacques Villeneuve for the 1999 season. Their original plan was to give Juan Pablo Montoya a push for the test role within the team. Give him the needed experience so he could become one of the drivers in 2000 or 2001. However, Villeneuve moved to BAR team in 1999. It meant that Williams had to look for another driver, it became Zanardi next to Schumacher.

Did you know: That Anthony Reid was offered to race for the Jordan Grand Prix team in 1991? He lacked the needed funds, 2,5 million pounds to drive the full season. This due to his sponsor an Japanese property company went bankrupt. Eventually he spoke again with the Jordan Grand Prix team in 1992. However, nothing would materialize.

Did you know: That Sir Jackie Stewart was offered a contract by Team Lotus in 1965? However, Stewart choose for a contract with the BRM team. As he did not want to debut in the Formula One with Jim Clark next to him. As it would be too much pressure for his debut year.