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Did you know this? Is a try out for a new series of articles I want to write down. The purpose for this is to bring forgotten stories and fact back on the surface. Of course, Formula One related small news items, facts or stories. I would love to have your input on this one as I myself love these forgotten facts about the Formula One.  As well, I hope it brings some discussion about other facts.

Did you know: That Julian Bailey travelled in 1992 to the Hockenheim circuit hoping to take over Eric van de Poele his seat at Brabham? Back then, there were rumour that van de Poele lacked the finance to do more races for the ill-faded Brabham team. Eventually the trip proved fruitless.

Did you know:That after Bertrand Gachot was arrested before the Belgium Grand Prix in 1991 there were several drivers in sight to replace Gachot in Belgium? Dave Coyne, Stefan Johansson were one of them to replace Gachot. Eventually Edide Jordan chose Michael Schumacher to replace him. We all know what happened afterwards.

Did you know: That Ivan Capelli in 1991, after giving up his seat at March for Karl Wendlinger, was tipped to replace Gianni Morbidelli at Minardi for the last Grand Prix of the year? As Morbidelli was to replace Alain Prost at Ferrari who was sacked.

Did you know: That the March F1 Team after the struggling winter of 92/93 finally appeared in calmer weather were talking with Pierluigi Martini to have him next to Jan Lammers in the March? Eventually he came back to Minardi in 1993.

Did you know: That Flavio Briatore came with an interesting story in early 1992 that Alain Prost would race for his Benetton team? Meaning that Schumacher would already have a deal signed with Ferrari. There he would replace Jean Alesi, who would on his term would race for the Jordan Grand Prix team.

Did you know: That Lola Cars was already looking to enter the Formula One as team rather than a chassis supplier as early as in 1993? At that point, they saw that the Lola T93/30 that the BMS team used was crap. Instead, their plans were to design a new car and debut as their own in ’94 or later on in ’95. No this is not the story about the Lola T95/30.

Did you know: That Thierry Boutsen had several options for the 1991 season?  After he left Williams there was interest from Brabham, Footwork Larrousse and Ligier. Eventually he chose for Ligier who drove with the thirsty Lamborghini V12 engine that season. Perhaps was a choice for Larrousse been a better one.

Do You remember: The last Grand Prix of 2014? When Caterham decided to do a lucrative deal with Rubens Barrichello? To race for the team at the last Grand Prix of the season.

Did you know: That Jan Lammers is perhaps the unluckiest Formula One driver we know? While he drove for the mediocre teams like ATS, Ensign, Shadow and March. He could have been a driver for the Ferrari team in 1982. To replace Villeneuve who sadly got killed at Zolder. He would do his first race for the team at Zandvoort. However, he broke his thumb when he crashed with his Theodore. Patrick Tambay eventually replaced Villeneuve.  That same year he was asked by Renault to replace Alain Prost who got sick at Detroit. However, he recovered on time.

Did you know: That Jan Lammers had more offers in the Formula One? In 1981, Nelson Piquet preferred Jan Lammers as driver. However, Hector Rebaque offered a lot of money for the drive. While he hadn’t drove a couple of years in the F1 Ken Tyrrell approached Lammers to replace Alboreto who left the team after the Candian Grand Prix. He decided to stay at TWR. Eventually In 1995 he was also linked with the Pacific Grand Prix team.

Did you know: That Christian Danner was to drive for the EuroBrun team in 1988, but was too tall to fit in the car?