Formula one’s mostly forgotten stand-in drivers part 3

Stand-in drivers

Stand-in drivers, the drivers we mostly forget about though play sometimes a huge roll for teams. They are often at short notice in the car for most various reasons. During the covid pandemic, we have seen several stand-in drivers, well not really stand-in like Russell taking place in the Mercedes because of Hamilton or Kubica instead of Kimi. However, do you remember Johnny Herbert in 1989 who drove two races for Tyrrell? Probably you forget that. This article is dedicated to these drivers with the story.
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Johnny Herbert
In his F3000 years he had a big shunt, which almost costed his legs. Due to surgery and intensive physiotherapy the months after helped him somewhat to recover. In 1988, he made his debut for Benetton scoring a great fourth place during his debut race. However, he lacked pace due to his accident and recovery. After the Canadian Grand Prix Flavio Briatore sacked Herbert. While he went to the Japanese F3000 he received a call from Ken Tyrrell to be the stand-in for Jean Alesi at Spa as he was busy racing in the F3000 as well. For Portugal, he was asked as well. Sadly, he failed to qualify the car.

In 1990, Herbert would re-appear in the Formula One after Martin Donnelly had his horrible accident in Jerez. At that time, Peter Collins was at Team Lotus. It means his future in the Formula One. As he would stay with Team Lotus up to 1994. After the Portuguese Grand Prix Herbert replaced Éric Bernard for the European Grand Prix at Lotus. The last two races of the season Herbert replaced Jos Verstappen at Benetton. Eventually he would retire in 2001 in the Formula 1.

Grand PrixQualificationRaceTeam
1989 Belgian Grand Prix16thRetTyrrell
1989 Portuguese Grand PrixDNQDNSTyrrell
1990 Japanese Grand Prix15thRetTeam Lotus
1990 Australian Grand Prix18thRetTeam Lotus
1994 European Grand Prix7th8thLigier
1994 Japanese Grand Prix5thRetBenetton
1994 Australian Grand Prix7thRetBenetton

Gianni Morbidelli
Appeared in 1990 in the Formula One while he was active in the International Formula 3000. At BMS Scuderia Italia, also known as Dallara, he was the stand-in for Emanuele Pirro. After those two races for Dallara Morbidelli had his focus on the Formula 3000. The last two races of 1990 he became the stand-in for Paolo Barilla. His performance were good enough to stay at Minardi for two seasons. However, during the last grand prix of the season Morbidelli raced for the Scuderia scoring his first points. At that time, he was one of the test drivers for Ferrari.

Due to a shortage of enough sponsoring Morbidelli left Minardi for the Italian Touring Cars. In 1994 and 1995, he was hired by Footwork where Morbidelli showed his potential scoring a podium finish in Australia 95. For 1996, he had no seat, and accepted the testing role for Jordan. To return on the grid in a couple of times in 1997 replacing Nicola Larini at Sauber.

Grand PrixQualificationRaceTeam
1990 United States Grand PrixDNQDNSDallara
1990 Brazilian Grand Prix16th14thDallara
1990 Japanese Grand Prix20thRetMinardi
1990 Australian Grand Prix20thRetMinardi
1991 Australian Grand Prix8th6thFerrari
1997 Spanish Grand Prix13th14thSauber
1997 Canadian Grand Prix18th10thSauber
1997 Hungarian Grand Prix15thRetSauber
1997 Belgian Grand Prix13th9thSauber
1997 Italian Grand Prix18th12thSauber
1997 Austrian Grand Prix13th9thSauber
1997 Luxembourg Grand Prix19th9thSauber

Nicola Larini
Larini is one of these Italian F1 drivers in the 1990s that couldn’t make a fist in the Formula One it seemed, though did score some decent results. As for Morbidelli, Larini tested quite a bit for Ferrari in the Formula One. In 1992 he would be the stand-in for Ivan Capelli who had a terrible season as one of the Ferrari drivers in 1992. Later on in 1994 Larini would replace the injured Jean Alesi at Ferrari.

Grand PrixQualificationRaceTeam
1992 Japanese Grand Prix11th12thFerrari
1992 Australian Grand Prix19th11thFerrari
1994 Pacific Grand Prix7thRetFerrari
1994 San Marino Grand Prix6th2ndFerrari

Gabrielle Tarquini
Tarquini is perhaps one of the few drivers that had so much potential; see his AGS season in 1989 where showed his raw talent in the races. However, somehow he never arrived in the Formula One at top teams.  After the Portuguese Grand Prix in 1991, Tarquini would replace Olivier Grouillard at Fondmetal for the last two races. In 1992, he would race a full season for the team. It seems his career in the Formula One was one. The years coming, he became one of the best Touring Cars drivers. In 1995, Tyrrell and Tarquini signed a deal to be their test driver. During the European Grand Prix at Jerez, he would be the stand-in for Katayama that was injured.

Grand PrixQualificationRaceTeam
1991 Spanish Grand Prix22th12thFondmetal
1991 Japanese Grand Prix24th11thFondmetal
1991 Australian Grand PrixDNPQDNSFondmetal
1995 European Grand Prix19th14thTyrrell