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The Lucky Strike Tyrrell 025

It’s a forgotten sidenote in the rich history of Formula One. A little fact that I believe should be revealed again. There was a time in 1997 that BAT decided, after they finished their Project de Bono program, to purchase Tyrrell Racing instead of Minardi. In 1998 Tyrrell Racing would be still on the grid. They came with the Tyrrell 025. This same car would appear in the summer of

What will they do if another bomb drops?

Last year the Formula One came for the first time in Saudi Arabia. Oh boy little did we know what eventually would happen during that weekend. What I predicted with a cynical laughter happened, how was this even possible? The bombs felt next to the circuits. Because of a conflict between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. It still bothers me that the drivers, by force, appeared Sunday on the grid for
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BAT was once interested in Minardi

A few weeks before i wrote about the Bono project. It was BAT (British American Tobacco)’s project to enter the Formula One. It was all about appearing on the grid in 1999 with their own team. As well, how to reach that goal. We all know that they eventually purchased Tyrrell Racing from Ken Tyrrell. Only using the Concorde agreements eventually to be allowed on the grid. Interestingly enough was
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Popularity of Autosport in the Netherlands

Some Dutch autosport history from an era, which seems to lack any interest from the Dutch fans. An era when the Grand Prix and the Hill climb scene started to gain popularity. An era that happened after World War I became more or less a vague memory of the past when life was different. There was a lot of prospect for the autosport even in The Netherlands. However, people still

My f1 hunger is gone, 2022 is my last season

What a season 2022 was. In many aspects, this was the changing season for the Formula One. Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes lost their dominance on the grid for the coming years. GOAT Latifi and Mick Schumacher failed to impress and have to disappear from the grid. While Sebastian Vettel waved goodbye. The other side, that changed the sport for good, is dark and toxic. It is horrific to see, and

I miss Andrea Moda

Where are the days in the Formula One, when shady team owners appeared on the grid? Mostly to burn their money in a team that would fail on forehand. It were those teams that brought the atmosphere and the vibes in the paddock. Well that is, if you ask me of course. One of these teams that I miss is Andrea Moda. The complete package makes it interesting. While I
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In December it is ten years ago when our lives were ruined by the fact that stopped. It was in December 2012 when Racesimulations went offline, and never would be back online. It is like USF1 who had troubles with their servers, you know they are still working on it. The website’s main function was to allow all those sim racers to get their newest downloads and mods. Allow