Energy drinks in the Formula 1

You can’t imagine it now though there was a time in the Formula One there weren’t any energy drinks in the Formula One. These started to appear in the Formula one in the early 1990s. I wouldn’t take long before the energy drink companies would appear in the Formula One. Ready to support the teams. The best example of course is Red bull with their own two teams in the

Groeten uit Zandvoort Day 3

Groeten uit Zandvoort! Today was the last day of the Historic Grand Prix weekend in Zandvoort. Again the weather was great, 24 degrees, sun and a cool Seabreeze. There were slightly more people on the circuit today then yesterday. Though what you could see is that everyone was enjoying themselves all day long. The perfect end of an amazing weekend it was. When we went for our breakfast i encountered

Groeten uit Zandvoort Day 2

Groeten uit Zandvoort! Today was the second day of the Historic Grand Prix weekend in Zandvoort. The weather was nice, there were a lot of fans, and the atmosphere was great. All an all it was the perfect day for another day with historical autosport. Standard during the historical weekend there was a parade with several cars through the centre of Zandvoort. Something i do appreciate a lot. After a

Groeten uit Zandvoort Day 1

Groeten uit Zandvoort! For those who don’t read Dutch it means “Greetings from Zandvoort”. This weekend is the Historical Grand Prix weekend on Circuit Zandvoort. A weekend full of historical autosport. Heaven if you ask me, others may describe it as pure ear porn. Any way here is a little blog post about the first day we were at the circuits for the best Autosport event in the Netherlands. The

Oh the 90s what ever happened with you?

Could be i posted a similar blog before could be i did not. Anyway, I just felt the need to post this blog post. Just for the sake of it, to have a little trip down to memory lane. When the Formula One seemed to be an amazing sport. When the fans seemed not toxic, when Jos Verstappen was our national hero. Yeah the good old 90s. Who doesn’t remember
Esteban Tuero
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Esteban Tuero’s Minardi test that never happened

We write the 28th of October 1996 when Minardi arrives at Misano for a youngster test. Andrea Boldrini (1996 Italian F3 champion), João Barbosa (1996 runner-up champion Italian F3) and Esteban Tuero are the drivers that will take place behind the wheel of the Minardi M195B. Two years later Esteban Tuero would debut for Minardi with the M198. Only to retire just before he would test with the Minardi M01
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How May 1994 changed the Formula 1 forever

It’s 28 years ago that we lost Ronald Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna in Imola. However, many seem to forget that May 1994 was a horrible month for the autosport, more terrible accidents happened. It would change the autosport and especially the Formula one permanently. The focus would shift mostly towards new safety measures to be taken. Let me take you back for a couple of minutes into a period that

How about non-championship races for youngsters?

Who remembers the non-championship races from the past? When unknown and youngsters could experience the Formula One without the pressure to perform on your top and scoring points. Wouldn’t be much better to organise a couple of non-championship races for the young and talented, perhaps only wealthy, drivers? I mean if you look at the grid right now with just ten teams filled with a field of drivers that mostly
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De regen in SPA en de raketten in Jeddah

Dit weekend werd de Saudische Grand Prix weer verreden op het stratencircuit van Jeddah. U weet wel, diezelfde Grand Prix waarbij vorig jaar op 5 december het Saudische regime besloot om onschuldige Jemenieten kapot te bombarderen tijdens de race. Vele van jullie hielden je afzijdig. Velen van jullie wisten het niet eens. Op vrijdag explodeerde er een olieopslag van Aramco omdat de Houthi’s een raket hadden afgeschoten. Ineens was het