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Terug naar de Gameshop in Haarlem

Het was weer eens de hoogste tijd om naar de Gameshop in Haarlem te gaan, mijn collectie van retro consoles en handhelds schreeuwde daar immers om. Je weet wel die game winkel waar ik al eens eerder over schreef, bij binnentreding van de winkel stap je in een tijdscapsule die je regelrecht terugbrengt naar 1993. Het blijft verbazingwekkend om te zien dat dergelijke shops toch nog altijd bestaan, waar je
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Martin Brundle at McLaren in 1994

During the winter of 1993/1994 F1 was subjected to infighting, politicking and accusations that cheating was rife within the sport, all of which is explained within the upcoming book. During this time Martin Brundle took a massive gamble with his F1 career, as he refused offers from the likes of Jordan in order to secure the prized race seat at McLaren vacated by the Williams bound Ayrton Senna.  There was

Goodbye, my love, Goodbye Formula One

Goodbye my love, Goodbye, Goodbye, auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye and au revoir my love. Demis Roussos sang it in 1973, after today’s race at Singapore it seems I have to sing it as well. What has happened with the sport I used to love so much, what happened many like me are on the point to say Goodbye my love? The last seasons, basically since 2009, the Formula One isn’t that

The fans want the V12 and V10 engines back!

Since 2014 teams in the Formula One are powered by Hybrid V6 engines with an Turbo. Did the V6 bring any joy to the Formula One? No not really. It took away the feeling and the sound from the Formula One. Be fair you felt in love with the Formula One as well because of the sound that the V10’s and the V12’s produced. Recently Ross Brawn, Managing Director of
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Nationale autosport in Nederland anno 2018

Ik zal me waarschijnlijk niet geliefd maken met deze blog post, maar dit moet toch gewoon effe van mijn hart af. Wat is de Nationale autosport in Nederland toch een grote farce geworden de afgelopen jaren. Eigenlijk nadat de economische crisis als een bom insloeg, en in feite de autosport gedeeltelijk lam legde. Ooit floreerde de Nationale autosport in Nederland met race klassen zoals de Formule Ford, Formule Renault, Renault
Dutch Grand Prix

Who will host the Dutch Grand Prix?

Its a matter of time before the Dutch Grand Prix will be held 2019, 2020 or 2021. It is more the question on which circuit it will be. Both Circuit Zandvoort and TT-Circuit Assen have the capacity to host the Grand Prix. Rumours about stillborn circuit are arriving as well. Who will host the Dutch Grand Prix? After Max Verstappen made its debut in the Formula One, 20 years after
Ayrton Senna
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Ayrton Senna – His Final Hours by Ibrar Malik

25 Years ago Formula One lost one of its greatest ever drivers. Ayrton Senna's passing was felt across the globe, especially Brazil, which declared three days of official mourning. He had been the world’s most famous racing driver and his death was broadcast live on television in front of millions. The grief felt was on par with the deaths of Princess Diana or JFK, and he is still sorely missed
Golden Era

My soul belongs to the Golden Era

If I have to believe my friends and family, my soul is an old soul that doesn’t belong to the present. If I have to believe them, it belongs to the 1930s, better known as the Golden Era of motorsport. They say I represent everything from that Era and I do not represent anything from the current. If it is about motorsport and fashion. Why I share this story with