Jacky did not test for Jackie

Formula Never Happened

The title might be confusing though it isn’t if you have read this article. There was a time in the Formula One that young and talented drivers were offered tests with Formula One cars for winning a championship or important races. I don’t mean the “young” drivers that paid 500thousand euro’s to drive 20 rounds and get a free coffee and club sandwich. In 1997, Jacky van der Ende was offered a test driver with the Stewart SF01. Somehow the test never materialised.

Jacky van der Ende is a Dutch driver who had a promising career ahead of him in the early 1990s. He won the Formula Renault winter cup in 1996 before he went to the Formula Ford 1800 in 1996. He drove in British and the world cup finishing respectively sixth and eight. In 1997, he won the Formula Opel Lotus winter series before he continued in the Formula Ford. This time he won the British and World championships in October 1997. As well the Nations Cup.

At that time, Jacky was 20 years old. Thanks to his victory in the Formula Ford Nations Cup he was promised to test with the Ford Escort Rally car. He would also test with one of the Formula 3 cars from Paul Stewart Racing. However, he would also test for the Stewart Grand Prix team from Jackie Stewart.

The Formula 3 test probably happened with Paul Stewart Racing. Jacky would race for the team in the Formula Opel Lotus Euroseries in 1998. If the test with the WRC Ford Escort ever happened, I can’t say for sure, I could not uncover any information about it. If I see him at the circuit, I will ask him.

What never happened is the Formula One test with the Stewart Grand Prix SF01. It could also be the possibility that the test was originally planned for 1998, though neither did it happened back then. Sadly, there is not much info about it why he did not test with the Stewart. According to Verstappen.nl Jacky van der Ende was together with Jos Verstappen when the new Stewart Grand Prix factory was opened the 30th of June 1998. There is even a photo with the article.