The old rumour mill; Benetton – BMW V12

Old Rumour Mill

Welcome to the second episode of the Old Rumour Mill of Formula One. A special blog dedicated to the old rumours of Formula One. Many rumours appeared during the years. Some were just silly “Alain Prost to move to Benetton in 1992”. Others were just amazing to read “Pedro Diniz to move to Ferrari in 2000”. Every week a new episode of the Old Rumour Mill of Formula One will be published on the website!.

Alain Prost for Benetton in 1992!? (1992)
In early January 1992 some sources claimed that, Alain Prost was close to make a deal with the Benetton team from Luciano Benetton. Prost was left without a drive for 1992. At least, Luciano claimed that he had signed Prost for 1992. Noting that Michael Schumacher and Martin Brundle had already signed on the line for 1992. Eventually Prost would test with the Ligier, drove in 1993 for Williams and became once more the Champion.

Benetton – BMW V12 B195 (1994)
In February 1994 rumours appeared of BMW considering a comeback in the Formula One.  BMW was working on a V12 engine especially for the Formula One, and Benetton was chosen to give the engines a go for 1995. Why Benetton? Well, some German driver named Michael Schumacher was their first driver. It never happened, and it took until 2000 when BMW made it’s comeback with Williams.

Goodyear to make it’s F1 return (2001)
This news appeared in 2001, just a few years after Goodyear left the Formula One. The target for their return was for 2003, rumours stated. Would a three-way tyre war occur on the horizon? It was said that BAR, Jordan, Sauber and Minardi were asked if they were interested to be supplied with Goodyears from 2003 on.

Ferrari considers a new V12 engine (1999)
In 1999 Ferrari was considering to go back to the future with a brand new V12 engine. Team technical manager Luca Marmorini was working hard on studying the chance to return the legendary Ferrari V12 engines. At the “Gestione Sportiva” section of the Ferrari factory in Maranello, a kind of secret “Area 51” of the Scuderia, has been designing and simulating a new idea for a V12 engine on a powerful computer. The V12 engine is said to be a crossing between a new generation of very powerful engines and an advanced version of the 048 V10. A kind of virtual engine. However, in a test-cell , an experimental bi-cilindrical section of the first stage of the new V12 is extensively tested. Only a section, but it’s an important starting point.

Toyota to appear in 2000 on the grid? (1999)
Rumours stated that Toyota was to appear on the track in 2000, this time the rumour went that Toyota was to buy eventually the Benetton team. Before Toyota was rumoured to take over the Stewart team, however we all know that Ford was interested as well. Rumoured was as well Sauber and Jordan taking the Toyota engine for 2000/2001.