Banan Grand Prix

The Russian Banan Grand Prix Team by J.A. Brown


About 12 years ago, the Formula One decided it was time to have more teams on the Grid. What did not help was the economic crisis of 2008, which saw BMW, Toyota and Honda eventually leaving the Formula One. However, many entries were there to enter the Formula One in 2010. As far as I know it were at least 30 requests. and Banan Grand Prix were to most interesting to see on it.

The story of the i covered a few years ago. This was an attempt by fans to enter the Formula One by crowdfunding. The fans would made the decisions who would be the team boss and so on. The idea is neat of a Formula One Team ran by Formula One fans. Surely, the team never materialised and the FIA declined their request to enter the Formula One. Due the lack of a proper business plan. Read the story of here.

The Banan Grand Prix team was a Russian based team in St Petersburg. It was rumoured that two drivers were under contract for the team. Jury Platanov and Rinot Musaev. Some decent drivers with an excellent racing career… I assume.

The Banan Grand Prix B1 powered by Cosworth had some insane design. The car had man y similarities with a regular Banana you buy at the groceries store. Most interesting the car had a concave nosecone and had no wings what so ever. The car felt a bit outdated. As if you entered 1950, only with less good looking cars. It was said that some sponsoring would come from Latin America and Belarus.

Eventually the team would never materialize and nothing has been heard of since 2010, nor the team nor it’s drivers.

Many thanks J.A. Brown for sharing your incredible F1 plan, which you created when you were obviously drunk or stoned! You can find this awesome person on twitter on the persona @jaybeebrtweets. I hope you enjoyed, or did not enjoyed, this F1 plan of someone who was not sober when he came with it.