Unraced projects of the 1965 season

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Since the early days of Grand Prix racing many attempts were made to enter the Formula One and pre-war Grand Prix era. The period 1885 – 2021 contains over 650 Unraced projects. Every now and then new projects appear on the surface. To share with you all the stories i decided to summarize the stories per year. Don’t you worry, all the stories will be researched and eventually published. This is the summarized overview of the 1965 season.

Brabham-Climax FWMW BT19
The Brabham BT19 won the world championship in 1966 with Jack Brabham behind the wheel. However, did you know that the Brabham BT19 was intended to be fitted with a complete different engine? Yes in 1966, it was the Repco V8 engine. Originally the car was designed to be fitted with the Coventry Climax flat-16 1.5 litre FWMW. This V16 engine was to be the successor of the FWMV V8. The design of the engine began in late 1963. In fact, according to the designer Wally Hassan the engine looked complicated. However, it was effectively four four-cylinder engines joined together.

Due to the lack of performance the decision was taken to halt the development of the engine, eventually the engine would not appear on the grid. Ron Tauranc adapted the car to be fitted with the Repco V8 engine.  Motorsportmagazine.com made a great article about the FWMW V16 engine.

Cooper-Climax FWMW T80
Besides Brabham also Cooper build an brand new car for the Coventry Climax flat-16 1.5 litre FWMW engine. The same story as for Brabham, Cooper never saw the engine appear in their car and eventually they would adapt the Cooper T80 to test another engine.

Cooper-Maserati T80
When the FWMW V16 engine did not arrive and eventually was cancelled Cooper looked for another engine for the new 3litre era. The car stood still for a couple of months before the car was fitted with the new Maserati V12 engine. Before the engine could be fitted the car was re-designed by Derrick White. The engine was developed from their 2,5 litre V12 engine from 1957. Inned Ireland tested the Cooper-Maserati T80 in November and December 1965. The car was eventually attended to race at the International Trophy held the 14th of May 1966.  More info can be found here.

Lotus-Climax FWMW 39
Another team designed a new car in 1965 to be fitted with the Coventry Climax flat-16 1.5 litre FWMW. Lotus came with their 39. The same story as for Cooper and Brabham the engine would not appear. Eventually the Lotus 39 was adapted by Maruice Philippe to be fitted with the 2,5 litre FPF. Which did Jim Clark race in 1966 in the Tasman Series.

Moskovitch GD1-G5
This was one of the first attempt that came from the USSR with to design with an F1 car. Fitted with their 1,5 Litre V8 engine, which produced 200HP. The design of their car was designed with the help of the wind tunnel. The car had similar features as Lotus used to have in those days. Eventually Moskovitch had to abandon the design of the car as the company lacked the needed funds to undertake the jump to the Formula One across the iron curtain.  Sadly, it was also one of the last builds from the company.

Realpha RE 1
The Realpha RE 1 is probably one of the cars you haven’t heard of before. Ray Reed built the car in 1965. Just to compete the South African Formula 1 Championship. His first car he build was in 1964 based on an old Cooper 500 powered by an Alfa Romeo engine. The car was entered for the Rand Automobile Grand Prix.  The Realpha RE 1 was powered by the Alfa Romeo Giulietta L4 engine. Eventually the car did not arrive at the start of the Grand Prix. The whereabouts of the car are unknown.