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Unrevisted F1 Throwback Thursday #1

Unrevisted F1

Unrevisted F1 is the Throwback Thursday of UnracedF1. Every Thursday a new post will arrive with randomly old news items, reports or silly season rumours. Most of the news items will come from old magazines such as Autosport. Get yourself some coffee and enjoy the trip back in time with the first Unrevisted F1!

Copersucar F6 Tests
Emerson Fittipaldi took the first flight out of Buenos Aires after the Argentine GP to his native Sao Paulo in order to continue testing the latest Copersucar. Initial tests have shown the new F6 to suffer from an acute oversteer problem, despite the wings being mounted well ‘aft ‘of the car.  Even if Fittipaldi gets the car running well in time for his home race, it is extremely unlikely that the car will be raced: “We do not have enough spares made for the car “explained Emerson. The F6 will probably be given its public outing with a few demonstration laps in front of his home crowd.
Autosport 25 January 1979

F2 Protest in Rome
Despite the fact that Marc Surer won the European Formula 2 Championship at the Donington Park a few weeks back, we must remind you that his title is still only provisional, pending the outcome of the Tomean team’s appeal against Brian Henton’s omission from the Enna race results in July. We gather that the team are still pursuing the matter but a result will not be known for some time yet. They have employed the services of Roberto Causo, the Ferrari lawyer, to handle the case. Obviously disappointed by Henton’s failure to wrap up the Championship once and for all at Donington, the team are undeterred and equally anxious to bounce back and win the series next year, whatever the outcome of the Enna appeal. Therefore, it is of no surprise to hear that they have been carrying out two days of extensive testing at Donington and Silverstone last week. Tiff Needell was asked to carry out the driving clocking up over 200 miles in Henton’s Hart-powered Ralt RT2 at the Leicestershire track. According to the team, his best was an encouraging 64.21s, which compares favourably with the times set up at the recent F2 meeting. The following day at Silverstone, Needell drove both the Ralt and the older March 782 which he’s raced in Toleman colours at Hockenheim (late last year) and at Donington. According to eyewitnesses, Needell was putting in some competitive lap time (in the 80s bracket) without the use of sliding skirts which, as you may be aware, are banned in F2 (and F3) as from next year.

Autosport 06 September 1979

RAM get aggro from Kessel
Moment of truth as the German Authorities swoop into the RAM Brabham paddock pit last Friday to impound the cars and engine following a legal dispute in which Lorris Kessel, who no longer drives for the team, claims he is owed 300.000 DM (About 66.000 pound).
Autosport 05 august 1976

F1 Shadow for Wilds
Roger Springett, on behalf of the P. R. Reilly/Shadow team, has confirmed their intentions to run Mike Wilds for the rest of the season in their ex-works Shadow DN3A Formula 1 car. They will, of course, be concentration on the ShellSport European 5000 series. This is indeed excellent new for Wild who, having been forced to quit the Stanley-BRM Grand Prix team at the beginning of last year, has been more or less left out in te cold. Wilds first drove the car at Thruxton a couple of weeks ago and finished third. The enthusiastic team, who started the season running an ex-works DN1A for Richard Scott and Lella Lombardi in occasional races, have been carrying out testing with the new combination recently, Wilds getting down to a 42,8s lap at Brands last week in among the “cowboys”. Wild said that the car was handling beautifully, and so a good showing is hoped for at Brands Hatch this coming weekend. The P.R. Reilly team also have another DN3 chassis which, they say, they will probably run for “a male Italian” from the Mallory Park 5000 race onwards.
Autosport 17 June 1976

Lammers to Tyrrell?
Jan Lammers, the diminutive Dutch former European Formula 3 champion who lost his ATS F1 drive earlyu this year to Slim Borgudd’s Abba money, is tipped to be replacing Eddy Cheever at Tyrrell for 1982. Lammers’s possible inclusion, alongside Michele Alboreto, is thought to have come about through Tyrrell’s new Dutch co-partner John Bosch and Zandvoort Bouwes Palace Hotel owner Michael Hordo.
Autosport 22 October 1981