Monaco the final destination for Simtek

It’s 20 minutes before the start of the 1995 Monaco Grand Prix when Nick Wirth wanders together with Jos Verstappen on the starting grid. Verstappen on P23 and Schiattarella on P20 it will be just one of those races that year which Jos will show the world what a marvellous beast the Simtek S951 is. As he said, if he did not hid the guardrail he would have qualified better
F1 Testing Testing 1990 – 1999

Overview Formula One Testing In 1990

You can’t imagine it now though there were years in the Formula One there were plenty of test drivers per team. Or teams tested in between races to test new aerodynamics or new engines. Or just to cash extra money by letting unknown drivers, who will never arrive, experience the Formula 1.As many of these drivers are long forgotten, and there isn’t a real overview of the test drivers, its