Unraced projects of the 1992 season

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1992 was the year of Nigel Mansell after several years he became the world champion with Williams.  Once a respected team, in 1992 Brabham was suffering from financial troubles and would disappear from the grid eventually, to gain attention they contracted Giovanna Amati, after Desire Wilson the first woman to enter a Grand Prix. Andrea Sassetti bought the folded Coloni team and made it’s debut with Andrea Moda Formula. 

Andrea Moda C4B
In 1992 Andrea Moda made its debut in the Formula One. As the team bought the assets of the folded Coloni team and was not able to finish their car before the first Grand Prix the team decided to use the Coloni C4, which they modified a bit and rebranded it to Andrea Moda C4B. It’s all I can say about the Andrea Moda C4B.

1992 Andrea Moda C4B
Andrea Moda C4B testing at Misano

Brabham – Yamaha BT61Y
During the 1992 season Brabham went bankrupt, what many forgot already or simply can’t remember is the fact that Yamaha was working on an acquisition of Brabham.  It would mean that Yamaha would enter the Formula One with their own team.  The Brabham BT61Y was fitted with the Yamaha V12 engine, and tested during the season.  Eventually Yamaha’s president Nakauchi blocked the acquisition of the Brabham team.  Yamaha decided to stop with their V12 program in favour to cooperate with John Judd in 1993.

Honda RC1, RC1B and RC2B
The Honda RC1 is one of the few unraced projects i still don’t understand how it came together and how it continued by a couple of engineers of Honda. Because of this, I can’t say much about it now.  When I complete my research on it, I will edit the post.

Ligier JS35B-R   
1991 was for Ligier one of their worst seasons ever, scoring zero points while powered with the promising Lamborghini V12, the team had to chance a lot. Guy Ligier managed to strike a deal with Renault to supply them with their engines for 1992. One of the Ligier JS35B’s were send to Renault to be fitted with their engine.  The Ligier JS35B-R(enault) was tested by Theirry boutsen.

Thierry Boutsen with the Ligier JS35B-R

Lotus 103
Team Lotus appeared with a brand new design for 1992, their goal was to dominate as in the old days. Originally the Lotus 103 was planned to make its debut in 1991. However, the team was demotivated and a lack of money was the reason the team decided to develop the Lotus 102 in favour of the Lotus 103. Sadly, the Lotus 103 would not come further then the design stage. The team kept on developing the Lotus 102, and the team would drive in 1992 with the Lotus 102D instead of the 103.  Photos circulated of Mika Häkkinen standing next to a mock up version of the Lotus 103.

Mansell F1 Team
Rumours stated that Nigel Mansell was already working in earlier stages on its own Formula One team together with Golf professional Greg Norman. Norman tried in 1989 to take over the Brabham team. For me it is unknown if the plans were real or just fantasy as fans missed Mansell.

McLaren-Lamborghini MP4/8B
For 1993 Mclaren was looking for another supplier as their supplier Honda would withdraw at the end of the season.  They found their partner, in first instance, in Lamborghini.  The Mclaren – Lamborghini MP4/8B fitted with the Lamborghini V12 engine was a couple of times tested by Ayrton Senna and Mika Häkkinen at Estoril and Silverstone.  While the testing results showed some impressive data and times, McLaren chose for the Ford V8 engine.

Mclaren-Lamborghini MP4/4B
Mclaren-Lamborghini MP4/4B

Lotus x10 improvement package
In 1992 Team Lotus produced the experimental X10package. The team was discussing its future in Formula One, and had set itselfsome ambitious goals to aim for. Of particular interest was that the team waslooking to beat Williams who at the time were dominating F1. Team Lotus’ambition was to beat Williams with the X10 package, which they believed couldbe many seconds faster than previous Lotus designs. It focused on technologicalimprovements so the team could create concepts for future designs Read the fullstory here.

In 1992 an new team announced their interest in Formula One, the team’sname was Trebron which stood for “Nortbert” Hamy, an Canadian engineer who claimedpenned an six-wheeler formula one car in 1976. The team showed an scale modelversion of the car which would made it’s debut in 1993. The car had a radicaldesign, unseen in the Formula One at that time. However, the team said it sawthe Formula One only to test their “radical” ideas. The Trebron never made itsdebut.  Read the full story here.