W Series

W Series, the Formula 3 for woman and girls


Newly announced the W series, standing for Woman series I guess. The idea behind the series is to give female drivers an alternative podium to gain more success in their careers.  To eventually become Formula One’s first female champion in 2022? I have no clue.  The W series is the Formula 3 for woman and girls. 

A maximum of twenty drivers will enter the series, which all will drive with the Tatuus F3-T318car. The woman that manage to win the series will receive a fund of 500.000 dollar to boost their career. The W series will be held on six circuits, during the DTM weekends.
Round 1: Hockenheim (May 3-5).
Round 2: Zolder (May 17-19).
Round 3: Misano (June 7-9).  
Round 4: Morisring (July 5-7).
Round 5: Assen (July 19-21)
Round 6: Brands Hatch (August 10-11).

The idea and the meaning behind the W series is understandable, and it would gain some attention in the media. However, I am not convinced. For the fact that David Coulthard and Adrian Newey will be in the “Jury” to judge the woman who will enter for the series. It will be a Red Bull female series, as I believe the company is involved. The question I have why does a jury judge the drivers?

Furthermore, our Dutch proud Beitske Visser was once part of the Red Bull development program. However, they ditched here when she shown some less results. It is normal for Red Bull to ditch their talents when they have a less period, but still. It doesnt matter now as Beitske is booming the GT racing! Probably the next 24 heurs du Le Mans winner!

To be honest the aftertaste I get from the W series is worrying me. Pippa Mann already wrote it in one of her tweets “A sad day for motorsport, the W Series is a backward step that will only segregate female drivers” which I can only agree on. Why would you separate the man and woman in motor sports? We do not live in the 1920s anymore when it was common, because it was, anno 2018 it shouldn’t be like this.  Will the W series truly help the female drivers in their career? What will happen if you finish 20th in the championship (last), will you be ditched and so on and so on.

Another reason woman seem woman don’t reach the higher levels of motor sports is probably the reason they develop in a later stage more interest in other things or other sports. Many girls who were first drivers who ended up in fitness. However, perhaps we should pay more attention to woman and girls driving in the lower classes. Mostly in the cup series the ratio between woman and man are 50/50 were woman do win races and championships. It is only on a lower level, as 85% of all drivers are. Nothing wrong with it, it is even closer racing if you ask me.