Racesimulations.com – As the wheel turns


In December it is ten years ago when our lives were ruined by the fact that Racesimulations.com stopped. It was in December 2012 when Racesimulations went offline, and never would be back online. It is like USF1 who had troubles with their servers, you know they are still working on it. The website’s main function was to allow all those sim racers to get their newest downloads and mods. Allow the modders and newcomers to upload their newest creations. An ode to an amazing website!

Hi it’s Pro-raver aka Verstappenfan2000. Yes, I became that guy who started UnracedF1.com. I believe I was one of the notorious members on the forum. That one you hated or you loved. Let me take you back to the days when Racesimulations was that amazing community. Sometimes it was just a t a soap called “As the wheel turns”. I clearly remember some member making this statement on the forum after the umpteenth argument went completely out of the hand for no reason.

The Offtopic section was more popular than any other forum section on the website, which described the website. You had other website with the similar purpose such as BHMotorsport, M4driving, Racesimcentral and many more I forgot. However, I think Racesimulations was the community where people came to have a good time. Chatting, gaming, discussing autosport you name it. No I should not lie we were there as well to annoy each other with useless stuff and to get banned.

Although I will always recall the moments when we somehow became one big family if it was about mods, cars and so on that had leeched stuff in it. Especially if the person who made it told us it was build from scratch, and we figured out it wasn’t. Somehow the Adi 2006 mod is after all those years in my mind.

Everyday something new could happen on Racesimulations, we were one big family, a family stuck in a soap, a soap we actually liked. Besides all the fighting, sometimes even rioting, it was also a family with a warm welcome. That was always willing to help the new, the old and the members that had experienced something terrible like the death of a loved one.

There was only one person that was working day in day out to keep the website running Ivo Ivanac. I spoke quite a while with him on MSN I believe back then. At some point in early 2010, he showed me some screenshots of racesimulations 2.0. The website was completely renewed it looked amazing. I sadly lost the screenshots a while ago.

In December it is 10 years ago that Racesimulations went offline. The harsh reality, it was over, life continued and in a way, we were left behind. To be fair, it took me some weeks to ride of the habit to visit racesimulations.com as first before I continued with whatever I did on my computer. Luckily, some of us united again via Races4Sim.com, which sadly faded away. There is also still the Racesimulations Preservation Society Group (RPSG) on facebook. However, it’s more abandoned then alive sadly. The show must go on, though i would love it to return once back to the days “When the wheel turned”.