Unraced projects of the 2003 season

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As there are over 650 Unraced F1 projects from the period 1885 – 2020 I decided before to publish articles of unraced projects per year. This is easier for you to see which attempts happened a specific year. Of course, it is easier for me as well as researching and writing an article takes a lot of time, which I don’t always have.  If you are interested in one of the summarized attempts perhaps, I can give you more info about it.This is the summarized overview of the Unraced projects in 2003.

All American F1 Team
The All American F1 Team was an attept, or perhaps more a dream, of Dan Gurney and Phil Hill to enter the Formula One with American F1 drivers. It is not something new, more attempts were made in the past. However, in 2003 it seemed to become very serious. As of the involvement of Dan Gurney and Phil Hill. Bob Balachowski and Russ Olsen were working on a business plan after Orange Arrows left the Formula One in mid-season 2002. Back in 2003 Niki Lauda confirmed that Cosworth and Dan Gurney were on speaking terms to supply the team with engines. Read the story here.

German Grand Prix Racing
German Banker Oliver Behring was one the people that were seriously interested to rescue the Orange Arrows F1 team. Oliver Behring did led, more or less, the German consortium of Asset of Trust Partners. Which was the holding company of German Grand Prix Racing GmbH. As with the All American F1 Team, the main idea was to bring an all-German team on the grid. Probably powered by Mercedes. German Grand Prix Racing never materialised. Moreover, it felt more like scam.  Read the story here.

McLaren-Mercedes MP4-18
All signs were on green for McLaren in 2003. With the new MP4-18 it seemed they were ready to beat the Scuderia. Ferrari dominated the Formula 1 for a few seasons with Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello at that time. The car looked promising and looked highly innovative. The team tested quite a lot with the MP4-18. However, during the crash test the car actually failed. Besides the failed crash test the car was not as fast as hoped. McLaren in addition ditched the MP4-18 and evolved the MP4-17 to the MP4-17D. Some good results were booked. Though what if?

Team Dubai / Dubai Grand Prix Team
In 2003 the first rumours appeared of the Dubai Grand Prix team. Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum was behind the idea of the Dubai F1 Team. Indeed the same sheikh who eventually created one of the best series ever A1GP. In 2003, he was in speaking terms with Eddie Jordan to take over the team. Back in 2003 Jordan Grand Prix was financially struggling. The purpose of Team Dubai was to promote the country. It was said that Mercedes was to deliver them the engines; as well, they would operate as their technical partner, and help them developing the chassis. Read the story here.