Weekly Column 3: What will the future bring?


It is called the weekly column though i’m aware it is far from a weekly column. Whenever I feel like it, I will write one. However, in this column I want to talk about the current state the Formula One is. A lot of plans are discussed, there are plenty of rumours an idea’s how the Formula One should look like. To be fair I lost counting and my view on the Formula one in the near future. How do you see it?

Let’s start about the talks some big manufacturers had with about the future of Formula One. The type of fuel they should use how “hybrid” the cars have to be and how much it will be costs. This all for 2025 and later on.  Companies like Volkswagen and Porsche joined the meetings to share their demands, thoughts and idea’s about the future. Of course nothing much have been said or leaked so far.

If you ask it me, we should return to the V10 engines. 80% of the people on twitter will tell we can’t we have to go green. However, did you know that we can go green on E-fuels while using V10 engines or even better V12 engines? I know people will deny this idea, as V10 stands for dirty and destruction of the planet. If I have to believe some people these days. As well, use a smaller battery to gain advantage. Use the system they already had in 2005 in the A1GP series.

Another issue I have problems with for the future of the Formula One seems the standardization of the cars.  In 2022, we will have a brand new car; they will be a bit smaller and less wide. Still the cars look bulky to me; as well, the fact that teams seems to have to use the same basic in cars. Not that long ago the teams designed their own cars based on the regulations. To be fair, it looks superb with the Indy car, however it will tear down the DNA of the Formula One, especially in the future, if the teams can’t change that much on their cars.

Another thing is the influence of the wrong people in the sport. Better said the lack of another word in the sport. It is not a secret I’m a fan of Tom Walkinshaw, Max Mosley, Bernie Ecclestone, Andrea Sassetti, Flavio Briatore, Günter Schmidt, Guy Ligier and so on.   I know they have a disputable personality. People with a personality, which many of you seem to dislike for whatever reason.  Today’s Formula one has almost no personalities left on the paddock. They all want to appear like the good boy/girl obeying the Woke and afraid for the cancel culture.

I miss as well the harmony in today’s Formula One, I remember the mad millennial fans when the Australian Grand Prix in 2020 did not continue. What will the future bring? I’m afraid the sport won’t be the harmonised group as it used to be. There are already groups in the Formula One that try to keep you out of it if your opinion is different. Or if you dare to place question marks at them.

Perhaps I’m an old soul trapped in modern days crying for the good old days. Probably others don’t call the good old days I call the good old days their good old days. However, i’m not 100% confident that the future will bring us all the good.