Energy drinks in the Formula 1


You can’t imagine it now though there was a time in the Formula One there weren’t any energy drinks in the Formula One. These started to appear in the Formula one in the early 1990s. I wouldn’t take long before the energy drink companies would appear in the Formula One. Ready to support the teams. The best example of course is Red bull with their own two teams in the Formula One! I thought it would be nice to dedicate an article about the earlier and forgotten energy drink companies that sponsored several teams.

I’m aware of the fact that there have been plenty of more energy drink companies that appeared in the Formula One. These were the few that popped up in my mind or have been forgotten by some. As well the earlier examples are worth writing about. perhaps a part 2 will appear.

XTC Energy (Simtek 1995)
XTC Energy was establish in 1994 in Austria. The first time I saw XTC on the rearwing of the Simtek S951 I didn’t know what I meant. Years later I found out it was not the drugs ecstasy though an Energy drink. The sponsor appeared during the first race on the Simtek. The Logo was visible on both sides of the rear-wing and on the bargeboard. XTC only sponsored Simtek in the Formula One. After the San Marino GP the company left the grid it seems. If it still exists? I don’t know there is a website still. However, it haven’t seen been updated since 2007.  

Red Bull Energy (Sauber 1995 – 2004 / Jaguar – 20004 / Red Bull Racing 2005 – current)
Red Bull Energy was the second company that appeared in the Formula One. The company was established like XTC in Austria In 1987. The same time with XTC. In 1995 the company started with sponsoring the Sauber team from Peter Sauber. The name was visible on the engine cover front and rear wing.  Eventually Red Bull would sponsor the Sauber team up to 2004. In between Red Bull started sponsoring also other teams as they have a young driver academy. Arrows had the Red Bull sponsoring in 2001 and 2002. This was because of Enrique Bernoldi. Jaguar was another team that received Red Bull sponsoring in 2004. Today Red Bull has two teams in the F1. Red Bull Racing and Alpha Tauri.

Hype Energy (Footwork 1995 – 96 / Benetton 1996 / Williams 1997 /  2015 – 2018 Force India)
Hype Energy is established in 1993 by the original owner of the Hard Rock Café concept. Hype Energy appeared for the first time in the Formula one during the German Grand Prix of 1995. The name was in pink on the rear wing of the Footwork FA15. Later on the brand would been visible on the front wing and the engine cover.  The first Grand Prix of 1996 Hype would appear again on the Footwork.
During the Argentine Grand Prix if 1996 the Hype logo’s appeared on the Benetton B196 sidepods.
For 1997 Hype found its way on the Williams, this time again on the sidepods using green and red colours.

In 2015 Force India announced that they signed a multiple year deal with Hype Energy. At that time Bertrand Gachot was the CEO of the company. Hype Energy would be visible on the car on several spots during the four seasons.

Power Horse Energy (Ligier 1996 / Arrows 1996 – 1997
Power Horse energy was established in 1994 by the Food Company S. Spitz in Austria. During the First Grand Prix in 1996 the branding was visible on the Ligier JS43. It covered the complete engine cover. However, the next Grand Prix the branding was gone. Eventually per the Brazilian Grand Prix Power Horse appeared on the sidepods of the Footwork FA17.
In 1997 Power Horse was again one of the main sponsors for the now Arrows Team. The branding was visible on the rear and front wing.

NRG Energy (Tyrrell 1997 / Arrows 1999)
Sadly there aint munch info available about the NRG brand. NRG was an Austrian brand that was established in May 1995. In 1997 the company became one of the many sponsors for the Tyrrell team. The name NRG was visible on the top of the rear wing panels.  What made it interesting is that they designed several cans of Energy drink for the Tyrrell team.  At the moment are they highly collectable. There was a deal with Tyrrell for 1998 however it did not materialise.
While NRG was not visible on the Arrows A20, they did sponsor the team. T-Minus was Arrows their big sponsor in 1999, we all know how that went, together with NRG they made the energy drink T-Minus F1 Accelerator. This is even more rare then Rich Energy in 2022!

EnorM Energy (Arrows 2000 – 2001)
EnorM Energy is established in 1999 in Amsterdam. It was a Dutch Energy drink company that sponsored the Orange Arrows team in 2000 and 2001 because of Jos Verstappen. The EnorM logo can be spotted on the Arrows mirrors of the A22. It seems they only sponsored the Arrows Team one season. Later on they announced they would come with their own Vodka. It is interesting that both Red Bull and EnorM were the same time sponsor.

NPD – EJ-10 (Jordan 2000 – 2004)
In November 2000 Eddie Jordan launched their own energy drink. EJ-10 which was already in use by the team members during the season. EJ-10, if im correct, was a platform where Jordan could experiment with several new opportunities. The EJ-10 energy drink was created by bio-tech company NPD. The cans were available in many shops through the United Kingdom. Eventually in 2003 Jordan came with V-10 Vodka. A well-known drink that was proudly present on the Jordan EJ13.

DarkDog (Prost 2001)
DarkDog Energy is established in 1995 in Austria. It was one of Prost Grand Prix their sponsor in 2001. The logo of the company was on a small part of the engine cover visible, just near the headrest. And on the side plate of the rear wing. After 2001 DarkDog left the Formula One as sponsor.

Libid-X (Jordan 2004)
It seems the company was established in late 1990s. The company was a herb specialist that created pills similar to Viagra. The company was based in Germany. They also had herbal-ish energy drinks. In May the company became a sponsor of the Jordan team. The name was visible on the wing of the car.

Battery Energy Drink (Williams 2006 – 2008)
Battery Energy Drink was an Finish Energy drink that appeared in 2006 as one of the sponsor for the Williams F1 Team. The company provided the team with Energy drink. As well were several campaigns arranged around it. It seems Battery Energy doesn’t exist any more.

Rhino’s (Midland 2006 / Spyker 2007)
Rhino’s energy drink is established in 2001 in Austria. The company sponsored in 2006 the Midland team which used to be the Jordan Grand Prix. The Rhino’s logo was visible on sidepods and on the nose cone. As it became soon clear that Midland would be purchased and become Spyker in 2007 Rhino’s stayed as one of their sponsors. Though, much smaller than in 2006.