Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort

Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort 2020


Last weekend the ninth edition of the Historic Grand Prix at Zandvoort was held. However, this year was different from others years.  There were les race series than previous years and there was no historic stage setting. Was this an issue for this year’s event?  If you ask me this, I will say no it was not. It was even more or less a relief to be honest.

Why was it a relief? It felt like we never had the struggling and restrictions due to covid-19. Everything felt like normal and that feeling after months of fighting covid-19 is really a relief!  Yes, the event was slimmed down though it didn’t matter. Earlier this year it was announced that fans wouldn’t be able to visit the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort.

In first instance the fans were not welcome, later became known that the fans were welcome at the event. As already said the historic stage setting was nowhere to be found, people were not dressed. There was no Porsche garage, and there were no stands were people could buy their stuff. Due the covid-19 rules, the amount of series decreased as well. A positive side the more or less “I’m a VIP but i’m not really a fan of this” were not there.

This year’s event was fort he dedicated (historical) auto sport fans. Who could enjoy the sounds of the V10s and V12s while sniffing the smell of burned rubber! Enjoying the cars from the past in its purest form. It was enjoyable to see the starting grid of the “Kampf der Zwerge” which was huge. And of course the joy they had while racing against each other. The 100 Meilen Trophy and the Masters Historic Sports cars were joyful to watch as well.

Personally, the Masters Historic Formula One was the Highlight of them. It gave me the feeling I made the correct decision to travel to Circuit Zandvoort for the Historical Grand Prix. With me assumable, 3000 others felt the same on the Sunday. The atmosphere was marvellous. Everyone seemed too enjoying the races. As well, the atmosphere in the paddock and pits were absolutely great! Something I missed a bit the last few editions of the event.

The biggest highlight of the event was the Tyrrell P34, which appeared on the track twice to do a demo lap.  The intention was to race with the car as well though something happened with the driver. What i understood.  It was a perfect sunny retro racing day with the best atmosphere possible. Which did much good for many of us who were there. I can’t wait to visit the Historic Grand Prix in 2021.