UnracedF1 Community

New Feature: UnracedF1 Community


Currently I am working on UnracedF1 to make it more open and accessible for everyone.  From the website it was, I am reforming it into an “open” community. The first steps for it have been made by creating a group on Facebook linked to the UnracedF1 page on Facebook. The group name is UnracedF1 community people can share their thoughts, info and idea’s here and have discussions.

Previously I tried to create a forum but it took too much time for me to configure it to what I want, and there were too much spam bots, even when the forum was not officially launched yet.  The Facebook group is the first step to reform UnracedF1 to an open community. Which will keep the site as main priority for the articles to be published.  I cannot work on UnracedF1 without the input of the visitors and I know there are many of you with a lot of expertise and knowledge about several projects.

The Facebook page did not allow people to interact with UnracedF1 in an easy way.  The possibility to post your questions, information, or start a discussion was not there. In my opinion, it was also impossible to get in contact. You could send a message, send an email or react on the posts but that was all.  With the UnracedF1 Community I took away these barriers and hopefully it will give an positive aspect to the site.

The UnracedF1 Community can be reached to hit the Community button in the main menu on the top of the webpage. Alternatively, by visiting this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/unracedF1/ .
The Facebook page for UnracedF1 will not be deleted, the articles that will be published will appear on that page, they will also be published on UnracedF1 Community to start the discussion and hear your thoughts.