Most new F1 fans are pathetic assholes


I was not sure what title I should give this article. “Most modern F1 fans are pathetic assholes” or “Formula One the stupid Meme show”I chose for the first title only changed it a bit. I know there are a lot of you out there that will disagree with my opinion once again.  I’ve see the last week more and more signs that the amazing community we were once in is completely fucked by those ignorant and pathetic fans. It really is a big shame what is going on in the Formula One.

I know it is not the first time I’m having critique on today’s Formula One community. However, the last weeks it really became one big pathetic shit show. Without referring to the 15 May Verstappen fans, although they are a big part of it. Let’s start with the Austrian Grand Prix where some pathetic fan burns a Mercedes cap. He probably had already 20 beers in him so he probably thought it was badass to burn a cap. I mean come on are you really a fan? I’m a dedicated Tifosi though in my F1 collection are also West McLaren, Jordan Grand Prix, Orange Arrows, Midland, Prost Grand Prix and so on team wear.

Team wear is something that’s part of the culture, it is part of a team, it is party of fans, burning it is like burning a countries flag. In my opinion, you should be punished the hard way for it. However, that is not the only thing of course that has happened the last weeks. We have also the stealing fans. The fans that started fighting each other. We have the fans that came up with lies to enter the paddock with some pathetic story. That started with holding hands making a photo of a random fan telling them he is homophobic. Interesting today’s F1 teams don’t do their research properly.

Don’t worry i believe in equality as we should approach each other as you want to be approached yourself. It is a possibility of course that some of you want to be approached as a pathetic asshole. Anyway, i assume still that that is not the base of your existing.

I know I’m an conservative fan that should keep his mouth shut for having it’s own opinion on this. It is something I have heard before from those new pathetic f1 fans that are just destroying the Formula One. I know many of you won’t agree on this one either as your part of this group of fans. Many of you want to be seen as that tolerant fan in the F1.

There are more examples of today’s toxic fans. The way they react on social media like on Twitter. My gosh aren’t you ashamed of yourself? I can be a dickhead with tweets though have you seen yourself? A good example is the war between the Hamilton and Verstappen fans. I would love to see those pixel terrorist in a cage fighting each other as they do on twitter. It would make the F1 community a much better place afterwards.  How can you say all that stuff? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Of course not, because 90% of the people seem to forgot what proper language and attitude means.

Surely, the new style F1 that is more American-ish doesn’t help either with what is going on. Neither is Drive To Survive which gives a completely wrong view of the Formula One. Something I can’t say according to someone in the F1. I’m still amazed for the fact that the Formula One keeps it mouth shut regarding Russia and their terror on Ukraine. It is not a war; Russia became even worst then Saudi Arabia! Talking about Saudi Arabia… bombs falling next to the track doesn’t matter. But a bit of rain is killing (Spa 2021)? I know again something I said before.  Where are the drivers and the F1 itself with statements? I believe there is a reason #WeRaceAsOne isn’t used anymore. At least I haven’t seen it since.

Is there anything positive in this post? Yes there is! Last weekend was the Historic Grand Prix in Zandvoort. The event was a pure masterpiece! Unlike in the Formula One it self. With the Historical Grand Prix, you are able to touch the cars, speak with the teams, and speak with mechanic and drivers about their passion. All of the visitors shared the same passion for the historic Autosport. What an amazing atmosphere was that. Drinking together a beer while sniffing all the history of the Formula One in the historic paddock.

I believe it is time for a beer and a cigar for this old grumpy fan.
But not before you see the stupidity and toxic level of today’s fans.