Ten years of UnracedF1

According to my website host, and also twitter, UnracedF1 exists for ten years! Well UnracedF1 already existed in March for ten years. This might say how much I care about the number. Though, it is still worth to stand still by the this moment. There aren’t much websites, it seems, that stay online for that amount time without any form of sponsorship. In the end, UnracedF1 is just a hobby,
Thank you

A big thank you to all my followers and fans!

I’m not the kind of person that’s focussing on the amount of followers / fans on the socials, nor am I the person that’s focussing on the amount of visitors at the website. Honestly, I don’t care these numbers to start with. Al I’m doing is fulfilling my passion and share this with you by publishing some articles every now and then. Yes, I can be annoying as well when

Unraced fans interviews UnracedF1

I was told that it was good to do a Q&A with myself. As I believe in self-reflection but believe  it’s a bit selfish to interview myself I asked the followers and fans of UnracedF1 if they had any questions for me. I got a couple to answer. Probably you won’t learn anything of it. Most of you already know me. How did you become interested in Formula one? Probably it
UnracedF1 Community

New Feature: UnracedF1 Community

Currently I am working on UnracedF1 to make it more open and accessible for everyone.  From the website it was, I am reforming it into an “open” community. The first steps for it have been made by creating a group on Facebook linked to the UnracedF1 page on Facebook. The group name is UnracedF1 community people can share their thoughts, info and idea’s here and have discussions. Previously I tried

UnracedF1, born out of a passion for the unknown!

Once upon a time, I came up with the idea to create a website, a website that is dedicated to Unraced Formula One projects. Better said the idea was and is to create the Ultimate database of failed F1 ventures over the last 60 years and further. Many of these attempts to appear on the grid are long forgotten and lost in the dark corner of Formula One’s history. While