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The cancelled Dutch Grand Prix of 1935

History teaches us that the first auto race in the Netherlands was held the 3th of June 1939. The street circuit of Zandvoort was the host for this event. During the war construction started on the permanent, track in Zandvoort. The track was completed in 1947 and in 1948, we had our first Dutch Grand Prix. However, the first Dutch Grand Prix was scheduled for the 15th of September 1935,
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Did you know ? Dutch Special

We saw Max Verstappen today winning his second Dutch Grand Prix. Probably most of you link the Dutch F1 with Max Verstappen or perhaps Jos Verstappen. It has been a good move to bring the Grand Prix back in Zandvoort. However, the history with F1 and racing in general is in The Netherlands so much more then what we see today on the screens. Rich with forgotten anecdotes, facts and

Groeten uit Zandvoort Day 3

Groeten uit Zandvoort! Today was the last day of the Historic Grand Prix weekend in Zandvoort. Again the weather was great, 24 degrees, sun and a cool Seabreeze. There were slightly more people on the circuit today then yesterday. Though what you could see is that everyone was enjoying themselves all day long. The perfect end of an amazing weekend it was. When we went for our breakfast i encountered

Groeten uit Zandvoort Day 2

Groeten uit Zandvoort! Today was the second day of the Historic Grand Prix weekend in Zandvoort. The weather was nice, there were a lot of fans, and the atmosphere was great. All an all it was the perfect day for another day with historical autosport. Standard during the historical weekend there was a parade with several cars through the centre of Zandvoort. Something i do appreciate a lot. After a

Groeten uit Zandvoort Day 1

Groeten uit Zandvoort! For those who don’t read Dutch it means “Greetings from Zandvoort”. This weekend is the Historical Grand Prix weekend on Circuit Zandvoort. A weekend full of historical autosport. Heaven if you ask me, others may describe it as pure ear porn. Any way here is a little blog post about the first day we were at the circuits for the best Autosport event in the Netherlands. The
F1 Testing Testing 1990 – 1999

Overview Formula One Testing In 1992

You can’t imagine it now though there were years in the Formula One there were plenty of test drivers per team. Or teams tested in between races to test new aerodynamics or new engines. Or just to cash extra money by letting unknown drivers, who will never arrive, experience the Formula 1.As many of these drivers are long forgotten, and there isn’t a real overview of the test drivers, its
Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort

Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort 2020

Last weekend the ninth edition of the Historic Grand Prix at Zandvoort was held. However, this year was different from others years.  There were les race series than previous years and there was no historic stage setting. Was this an issue for this year’s event?  If you ask me this, I will say no it was not. It was even more or less a relief to be honest. Why was
Grote prijs van Nederland
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XXXV Grote prijs van Nederland

De kogel is door de kerk waarschijnlijk in Mei 2020 zal de XXXV Grote prijs van Nederland verreden worden op het circuit van Zandvoort. Het circuit dat ooit het leven redde van joden in de tweede wereldoorlog, en al verscheidende Grand Prix heeft gehost. Het circuit waar Piers Courage het leven liet in 1970. Het circuit waar zowel Jos als Max de Marlboro masters wisten te winnen. Welkom terug Zandvoort!
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XXXV Grote prijs van Nederland in 2020?

Oké ik ben klaarblijkelijk een van de weinige die geen voorstander van een Nederlandse Grand Prix, omdat ik het vertrouwen mis dat de Grand Prix na drie jaar nog steeds goed bezocht zal worden door de Nederlandse race Fans. Nu kwam dus het nieuws naar buiten dat de gemeente Zandvoort 4 miljoen zou willen vrij maken om te investeren in de infrastructuur, dat is fijn maar doe het niet alleen