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The Sinclair Special from the Persuaders

Did you know that in the Persuaders, a brilliant series from the early 1970s, Brett Sinclair is also a Grand Prix driver? There is even the Sinclair Special featured in the episode “Someone Waiting” an episode about bribing people out of the race at Silverstone, which Brett Sinclair eventually would win. So which car was used for the episode because it is not the March 701 as you would assume.

Ladies and Gentleman you may smoke your cigar!

I smoke cigars, you smoke cigars, we smoke cigars. There is a reason of course you are reading this post. For a fact, not many humans on this planet will ever smoke a cigar. I recently discovered that only 5% of the 7 billion people on earth would ever smoke one. Only a small group of people will experience the enjoyment of cigars. You have to be able to imagine
Formula One

More than 24 Formula One races? No thank you!

Liberty Media is since a couple of years the new owner of the Formula One. If you ask me, it was a deal to be doomed, though that is another story. Bernie sold the Formula One to them. All Liberty want’s is to make more money. As i wrote a will back. How so you make more money in this case? By adding more races to the calendar. It seems
Kiele Kiele Saoedi-Arabië
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Kiele Kiele Saoedi-Arabië kiele kiele dus niet!

Kiele Kiele Saoedi-Arabië de oudere generatie kent het nummer van Farce Majeure’s waarschijnlijk nog wel. Alleen dan over Koeweit. Het carnavalslied dat schijnbaar alles nog meer op scherp wist te stellen tussen onze relatie met Israël en met de Arabieren.  Anno 2020 zijn de Israëliërs de grootste vrienden van de Arabieren. En Liberty Media is van mening dat we in Saoedi-Arabië moet gaan racen. Een land waar je toch je
Banan Grand Prix

The Russian Banan Grand Prix Team by J.A. Brown

About 12 years ago, the Formula One decided it was time to have more teams on the Grid. What did not help was the economic crisis of 2008, which saw BMW, Toyota and Honda eventually leaving the Formula One. However, many entries were there to enter the Formula One in 2010. As far as I know it were at least 30 requests. and Banan Grand Prix were to most

Random Formula 1 stats you want to know, or not.

Ferrari did 1000 races since 1950, this is exclusive the entries they made but did not race. And exclusive the races that did not count for the championship. The first 20 years of Formula 1 there were plenty of them. Because of these stats, and a discussion I had on twitter about teams that merged and are today on the grid, here are some stats you don’t need to know!
Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort

Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort 2020

Last weekend the ninth edition of the Historic Grand Prix at Zandvoort was held. However, this year was different from others years.  There were les race series than previous years and there was no historic stage setting. Was this an issue for this year’s event?  If you ask me this, I will say no it was not. It was even more or less a relief to be honest. Why was
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De grote prijs van Noord-Korea

De grote prijs van Pyongyang of de grote prijs van Noord-Korea of gewoon lekker The North-Korean Grand Prix. Zouden we ooit naar Pyongyang afreizen om daar een Formule 1 race te gaan rijden door de straten van Pyongyang? Het is een vraagstelling die niemand zich stelt, maar mij toch intrigeert. Het begon allemaal met de vraag of er ooit autosport is bedreven in Noord-Korea. Al snel dwaalde ik af bij