The Ultimate Dream

“The Ultimate Dream” Arrows plan to gain some extra money

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Besides the marketing benefits you would get, you would also be able to test with an older Arrows. According to sources Jackie Oliver’s team still had seven Arrows A11, the car from 1989, stored in the corner of their factory. All those cars were still fitted with a DFR engine. Probably the testing with the car would happen on some British circuit. After the test, you could keep the car and use it yourself for some marketing stunt. It was not new at that time there were companies that used F1 cars for commercials.

How many packages were sold is not sure, Global Brands was the first company that purchased “The Ultimate Dream” package. A photo from was taken at Hockenheim. Interesting as well is that Morbidelli was sacked after the French Grand Prix, as the team needed money. During the Pacific Grand Prix that year, he returned in the cockpit from the Arrows FA16. How his role was during that period is unsure.