Jo Gartner and his fifth place at Monza

Imagine, your hired to race for a small Formula One team in the 1980s. On forehand, you’re aware that points are not the goal. Only with a crazy race or plenty of retirements, you could perhaps score a point. Then this crazy dream is becoming reality your racing and driver after driver is retiring. Eventually […]

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The mysterious Antonio Bernardo

In a time when you could simply buy yourself a seat within a team, there were drivers that left the grid quicker then they appeared on. There are drivers you probably never heard of, drivers with dreams of Formula One. Some of them fulfilling their dream in the British Formula One Championship (Shellsport Championship).  However, […]

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John Newhouse

What happened to John Newhouse ?

If you’re from my generation or older you are probably aware of former Formula One driver John Newhouse. In 1997, Jacques Villeneuve won the World Championship for Rothmans Williams Renault. He had a contract for 1998 as well. However, it seemed that Jacques took a sabbatical from Formula One. That’s why Williams hired John Newhouse […]

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Gary B

The forgotten F1 driver Gary B.

There were decades in the Formula One that there were more teams and drivers than places on the grid. Forty entrants for a Grand Prix was no exception, it was the reality in the 1980s and 1990s. While we all known the ill-fated teams as Pacific, Coloni, Osella, EuroBrun, Zakspeed and so on. There is […]

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