The mysterious Antonio Bernardo

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While researching there was another coincident. It seems that Antonio had a link with Scuderia Piccionaia. This team was active in 1968 and 1969 in the World Sportscars. Interestingly Carlo Facetti and Antonio Nicodemi are teammates for the team who do appear with a Porsche 907. Could it be, again, that it was Antonio Nicodemi that Merzario mentioned? Besides some rumours of being the president of a local karting club near Lugano there isn’t much known about his career prior the Formula One entry. While said to have raced in the Formula Three, there is no documentation available for it. According to an article on he purchased a Brabham BT23 from Rees at Albi in 1967. The car was shortly used by Enzo Corti in 1968. From 1970 on the car was stalled in a shed.

You could assume that there has had to be some race experience on a professional level as his entry for the 1976 Belgian Grand Prix was approved. It seems that the first attempt was to be for the Spanish Grand Prix that year. However, he wasn’t able to race due to a traffic accident. Looking at the entry list for the Spanish Grand Prix there is no Antonio Bernardo on it. In early may he appeared on the entry list for the Belgian Grand Prix. You may ask, if you read all of the article so far how he obtained his a-license to appear at the start of a Formula One race.