Nikita Mazepin

From Russia: Nikita Mazepin


Nikita Mazepin will make his debut in the Formula One this year.  He already has built up a bad reputation during the years. Because of his behaviour on and off the track. He will race for the Haas team, the team that had no big main sponsor since the shady energy drink company Rich Energy. The Russian roubles are a warm welcome for the team to arrive.  However, is Mazepin an asset for the Formula One?

Lets set things straight from the beginning, I’m one of the few people on this world, or better said from my generation, that has no problems what so ever with Russian citizens. We have Russians in our family, I have a couple of Russian friends, a bunch of Russians is following me on Twitter, and they seem reasonable people like you and me. People are instantly complaining about their president Vladimir Putin, for friends Vlad. I really don’t care foreign politics. I don’t care if you voted Trump or Biden either.

My vote would have gone to Kanye West anyway. Just to show how hideous the Politics in the USA is. Why would I care in the first place?  So now you know I don’t have any problems with the Russians and actually Moscow is on my list of places to visit we can continue.

Because this article is about our Russian friend Nikita Mazepin, the blonde boy that was born in 1999 in Russia. By parents that have a lot of money. Therefore, youth and especially financing his racing career has never been a problem. In 2014, at the age of 15, he made his debut in the autosport. The first years of his career were not that good if you look at the results. He was more the average driver that had the luck of his financial background. I mean, if your father own 1,4billion dollar.

His first success came in his second year of the Formula 3 in 2017 when he raced for Hitech GP. At the Red Bull Ring, he managed to score a third place in race two and a second place in race three. In 2018, he would race in the GP3 series, which is the Formula 3. He raced for the well-known ART Grand Prix Team. He won the first race of the season in Spain. Three more wins would follow included several more podium finishes.

In between the Formula 3 racing, he tested a couple of times with Force India. His first test was already in 2016, probably because of the Russian money. More testing followed in 2017 and 2018. While he tested, with Russian money as well, also with Mercedes in a private test in 2019. He ended up as well testing at Catalunya with the Mercedes team in 2019, even became more or less one of their simulator drivers at the factory.  

In 2019 and 2020, Nikita Mazepin drove in the Formula Two championship. The first year with ART Grand Prix, scoring no points and ending up as 18th with 11 points. In 2020, he drove for Hitech Grand Prix. Scoring two victories and several podiums earned him the 5th place overall with 164 points. For me personally I would not hire him, I would have taken besides Mick Schumacher or Louis Delétraz or The Hulk.

Based on what he shown on the track I’m not sure I he should be on the grid after all. With lots of testing and mostly due to the private testing he is already used to race with Formula One cars. He shown some good results and seems to be fine as a test driver. However, money always talks if you have it you better spent it wisely. We almost had a Mazepin Grand Prix team last year if the Stroll’s didn’t purchase the ill faded Jordan Grand Prix team.. I mean Spyker… no Midland? India something? I really don’t know it anymore. However, you know what I mean. There is still a court battle going.

What really triggered me to write this article is the pure hate that’s seen towards Nikita Mazepin. The hate towards a Formula One driver, or actually any driver I know of, has never been this extreme. It feels like there is a dedication to hate Nikita the most, and the need to destroy his career. The #WeSayNoToMazepin is since December booming. So why this hate? I can easily answer this. My stupid  but hurt generation that completely out of contest, no hobbies than bashing and destroying others for their own perspective, which is mostly far from reality to start with. Though it is too lazy to credit my generation, there is also Nikita Mazepin himself who plays a big role on it.

Most of the people fall back on the Instagram post. Some video where he grabs the boobs from his good friend. First it was said they were no friends at all had something to do with not following each other. However, it seemed they were friend and they just had some fun. Be honest as if you never had some high-tension moments with your Best Friend. I rather to say felt attracted to each other and just played doctor with each other..  However, you probably didn’t put it online. The truth about the video is probably in the middle.

Though falling back on one post on Instagram, people should do their research properly before they start commenting on post and blame someone for something. It’s the laziness of my generation, why do some simple research if you can just yell something on Internet. As people will just like you for it. It’s all about the likes, and be some stupid meaningless influencer.

Don’t you worry im not backing her Nikita Mazepin here for its actions, just bashing a generation who doesn’t their work properly. I know, attacking my generation, the Millennials of course, is something you should not do. Still I do it because I’m not a fan of my generation. What Nikita did in his video on Instagram, which his Girlfriend seemed to have uploaded (how?) is a bit weird to do. Especially if you become one of the Formula One drivers in 2021. You don’t have to be the perfect driver like Hamilton who does it all for the show and money eventually as well. However, uploading such video’s isn’t the best for your career.

Let me take your hand and show you some incident or scandals, whatever you want to call them, of rich boy Nikita Mazepin. Because, it’s on both on and off the track where made his mistakes. It seems Nikita Mazepin is more likely the type of driver that get’s easily furious.

The first incident that pops up is form was the opening race for the Formula 3 in 2016. At that time, he was a development driver for Force India. During the opening race, he hit British driver Callum Illot several times on his face. During the free practice, Callum got in his way. The first response was emotional. However, just a few seconds later Mazepin kicked him a couple of times again. Result, a ban for the opening weekend for Mazepin. Illot had a blue eye, a cut in his neck and a swollen jaw.

In 2019, there were several incidents on the track. In Sakhir he received two time penalties because he pushed Tsunoda on the grass, and annoyed Felipe Drogovich in the pit lane. There were more incidents in that race involving Nikita Mazepin. During the Russian Formula 2 race at Sochi he crashed and with him Nobuharu Matsushita. Matsushita eventually had to go to the hospital.

Remember the incident last year at Spa-Francorchamps? While Mazepin came across the finish line as winner, he was put back to the second place due to a penalty. The winner was now the Japanese driver Yuki Tsunoda. While Yuki and his team already celebrated their win. Mazepin, in a rage quit, rammed the P2 board and almost injuring the Japanese driver. Later, on social media, Nikita was still bashing on Yuki.

Then of course, there were the incident involving some female fan who asked Mazepin for tickets. He would give the tickets if she would show herself. The story goes that the girl was playing the game too hard, whatever that means, and he quit contact with the girl.

There are of course also the incidents involving him with other drivers. The incidents with Russell and I believe as well with Norris. Later on he made, some believe miss placed, jokes about Covid-19. Which I have to think about. He is 22; we were the same at that age. Younger people are struggling already with the virus, so the comment I can understand. There are also the outings towards other drivers from him regarding their ethnic background.  

What can we say about Nikita Mazepin according to the story above? He is 22-year-old boy that seems to struggle with life as anyone does at that age. Your still a child, though you want to party and have fun. Instead your stuck as a driver where people push you in some kind of outfit you don’t want to be in. All you want to do is go partying, get drunk, and end up with a girl you don’t know and have some amazing night. Sadly, you have a rich father, your Russian which somehow is a bad thing it seems, and your in the spotlight of the Media and the influencers these days because of your aggressive behaviour on the track.

My personal message to Nikita, if you ever read this story. I’m not attacking you im just doing my research and make some story out of it. My invite is still open to have some vodka or Cognac and smoke some good Cuban and just enjoy life like a true gentlemen would enjoy it’s life. If you like it or not, your pushing yourself because of the bashing from the media and so called influencers and fans in the jacket of the bad guy. Just stay yourself!